Safety Tip 3 - Before The Ride

All riders are responsible for making sure their motorcycles are mechanically up to the task. Before you even meet up with the group, make sure you’ve taken care of all those maintenance issues. You really don’t want to be the reason for stopping the group for something mechanical you could have prevented.

All riders are expected to arrive at the meeting point on time to take part in the pre-ride briefing. You are also expected to have enough gas to make it to the next designated stop.

The Road/Ride Captain will brief the group on the general conduct of the ride to include: route, stops and any particularities of the chosen ride.

If you are an experienced rider but new to Group Riding, inform the Road/Ride Captain. Novice riders and inexperienced Group riders’ positions within the group are significant. They should be positioned as close to the front as possible.

There is no shame in being new at group riding. You’d be amazed at how many bikers have never ridden in a group.

If you know you will have to leave the ride before it ends, inform the Road/Ride Captain.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Any concerns should be taken up with the Road Captain before the ride starts or as soon as possible thereafter.

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