About Us

VICTORY RIDERS / SOUTHEAST MB is a Chapter of CMA, which is an association of Christian Motorcyclists whose mission is to:

Inspire of leaders and members to be the most organized, advanced, equipped, financially stable organization, full of integrity in the motorcycling industry and the Kingdom of God.

Vision: Changing the world, one heart at a time

We will accomplish our vision through:

  • Evangelistic outreach primarily, but not exclusively, to the motorcycling community.
  • Run for the Son, where we will partner with ministries with world-reaching potential
  • Equipping our members in ministry training that aligns itself with Biblical truths.
  • A servant’s attitude to the world and our members.
  • Quality products that aid in evangelistic outreach.
  • An efficient Support Center Team.

Who are we?

VICTORY RIDERS is a chapter of CMA-Canada whose members come from the south east area in Manitoba, which includes the Pembina Valley, Red River Valley, and Whiteshell areas.

We meet monthly for planning for upcoming events, prayer, food and fellowship.

We are involved in communities during the riding season, and throughout the year. For more information go to our calendar or contact us.

What Is CMA?

CMA (Christian Motorcyclists Association) is a non-profit, inter-denominational association of Christians who ride motorcycles.

CMA is not a club but a ministry. Our Ministry Team program is designed to make ministers of our members. Members are involved in motorcycling events all across Canada. Our Seasons of Refreshing conferences, conducted by our CMA staff evangelist, prepare our members for ministry in the coming rally season.

We are part of CMA International.

More information about CMA around the world is available at http://www.cmainternational.org.