Safety Tip 4 - During The Ride

Check your riding position by checking the rider’s mirror ahead of you. If you cannot see their face in their mirror you are too close. Keep your position within the lane and do not cross from one side to the other side of the lane if it can be avoided, as this may disturb other riders and cut off their vision.

If at any time you feel you are riding at a level beyond your current skill level, you should drop out of the group ride. Trying to keep up with the group may be hazardous to you and the group.

If during the ride, you must leave the group, exit from the side you are riding on, preferably at a location that does not disturb the other riders. Signal to another rider that you are leaving, so he/she may inform the Road/Ride Captain at the next stop. Preferably and if feasible, you should wait until the next stop to leave. Maintain your position within the group and do not pass. If you need to change position wait until the next stop then change your position when the ride starts again.

Maintain a constant speed within the group. Do not accelerate past another rider or brake late and pass another rider.

If you are riding with a passenger, instruct your passenger on the proper riding technique and appropriate protective gear.

If you get separated from the group, find your way to the next stop to rejoin the group. Large groups may be a road hazard so riders must be aware of other motorists wishing to enter or exit the roadway and provide space for them to pass through the group.

If the group gets separated at a traffic light the last rider of the forward group becomes the temporary Tail Gunner of that group. The lead group will either stop if safe to do so or leave a rider to wait for and direct the following group at any intersection where the group turns. As riders drop off the forward group to wait for the following group the last rider in the group will temporarily assume the Tail Gunner duties.

When stopping as a group at an intersection (see below), break the staggered formation and pull up beside the bike in the adjacent lane. This will reduce the length of the group by half. Stay in this formation until you are through the intersection. Because the group is half as long it will take half the time to clear the intersection and increase the odds of keeping the group intact.

If you don’t make it through the intersection with the group, don’t worry. Don’t take a chance and run a red light. The leader will know that you are not with the group and will slow down, or wait for you down the road.

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