The fine print of our rental policies.


Only current members of the Club may rent equipment. Furthermore, members may only rent one of each item; for example, one tent per member, one canoe per member, etc. Please show up to the equipment room with a deposit, a membership card, and your WatCard.

Equipment may be rented out during end-of-term breaks.

Members must show both their Membership Card and WatCard when reserving, and renting equipment.

Members are requested to inform the rental volunteer what first-aid kit items have been used. There is no charge for consuming stock; this is so we can ensure the next person renting has a fully replenished kit for their safety.

Rental Rates

Rates shown are “daily” rates. Tuesday to Thursday counts as one day; Thursday to Tuesday counts as two days (twice the rate shown). A full week (Tuesday to Tuesday, or Thursday to Thursday) counts as three days. If we are closed for any reason (ex: reading week), you will not be charged.


A $20 deposit is required for all reservations. It will be refunded if the reservation is cancelled up to the very beginning of the equipment room hour for which it was made.

Reservations will be honoured to the limit of the Club abilities; please note that factors beyond the Club's control may affect the availability of reserved equipment. For example, the equipment may not have been returned on time by a previous renter.

If the club is not able to honour a reservation, the deposit will be refunded. If possible, an equivalent item will be substituted.


Rental fees are paid when the equipment is returned. Cash payment only. Cheques, debit, and credit are only accepted in extenuating circumstances and might incur additional transaction fees.

Important note: Beginning September 15th, 2015, members will be required to pay the following additional fees if applicable:

  • $1 per day for late climbing shoes past the one month maximum rental period (including days the equipment room is closed).
  • $2 for each missing/unusable tent peg.


A deposit cheque, money order (equal to value of rental equipment), or credit card is required for all rentals. For a credit card deposit we will copy the credit card number, name on the card, expiry date, and CVV code on a sales slip (your card will not be charged).

The deposit cheque, money order, or sales slip will be held by the club until all items have been returned in satisfactory condition, and any loss and/or damage is paid for or repaired.

For credit card deposit we require the associated postal code.

Cashing of Deposits

A deposit may be cashed by the club for the following reasons:

  • If equipment is not returned in a timely fashion; for example, if the equipment has been out so long that the rental charge equals the deposit amount.
  • If the equipment is not returned before the term break.
  • If the equipment is lost.
  • If the equipment is damaged above and beyond normal wear and tear.

In all cases, the club shall first attempt to contact the member in order to give him or her the opportunity to pay the required amount. Should this fail, the deposit money may be used to cover the amount owed. All such matters will be brought to the attention of the club executive at a meeting before any action is taken.

Members should note that their responsibility is not limited to the amount of the deposit. Members shall always be responsible for all costs incurred to repair or replace damaged equipment, even if those costs exceed the deposit left at the time of rental.