Become a member

Memberships are on a per term basis. The current membership fee is $10/term (cash only).

The benefits of becoming a member:

  • low-cost equipment rentals,
  • extensive books and maps library,
  • participation on trips and at social gatherings.

How to become a member

  1. Sign the online waiver.
  2. Sign up and pay at the equipment room (PAC 2010) during our office hours.
    • Bring your WatCard.
    • You will have to fill in the membership form (print it or pick one up from the equipment room).
    • You will have to show proof that you signed the online waiver (can be on your phone).
    • You will have to pay the membership fee in cash.
  3. Join the UW Outers Club Facebook group and the group for the current term linked from there to get updates about club activities.