How to join us

It is true that times are not easy:

The neo-liberal inspired pressure on staff (“work more to earn less”- more and more temporary or insecure jobs – an increase in working time – careers blocked – reduction in pensions, etc.)and mounting nationalism (of which Brexit is a symbol), stir up public opinion against the “Brussels technocrats”. All our colleagues feel the effect of this strongly. Your message is clear: enough is enough, and you ask US to help. We will do what it is possible to do ...For you ...For us. But you shouldn't expect it to be easy or everything to happen by itself:

Over the years to come, we will need you;

We can only be successful with your daily support, and for you to mobilise at crucial moments. JOIN !

On the 4th April 2017, the USI members General Assembly decided to give to the USI Executive Committee the role to adjust the annual fees defining the new amounts per grade.

Below you can find the table with the new annual fees* for

Fonctionnaire, Contract Agents, Secretary and Retired people

We invite you to pay the annual fee by money transfer on the following BNL Bank account


IBAN: IT84G0100550340000000011650


For more information please write an email and sent it to

* it's also possible to pay per trimester