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USF is the Trade Union with the highest consensus within the European Institutions.

The main language of the USI web site is english but you will also find information in French and Italian

Union Syndicale Ispra, in collaboration with ORSEU, will organise an updated version of the training course in English for AST/SC, AST, AD competitions.

The full-day course (9:30-12:30/13:30-16:30)1 will be held on:

Saturday 26th of January 2019 in Ispra, Auditorium Club House2

The course will be organised as follow:

  • Overall presentation of the computer-based MCQ tests
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Abstract reasoning

All above sessions include a methodology, test (new!) and correction.

The price of the training course is 55€ for USI members (and relatives) and 130€ for all the others included external staff, lunch break included.

For further information, membership and to send your subscription form contact:

DEADLINE Friday 18th of January 2019 (limited availability).

Informiamo gli aderenti che martedi 2 ottobre a partire dalle ore 11:45 si terrà la riunione costitutiva degli organi sindacali dell'USI (ed.100, sala Aria).

Si ricorda che é possibile assistere a tutte le riunioni del Consiglio.

Risultati delle elezioni del nuovo Consiglio Sindacale US-I 2018-2021

Lista dei candidati al Consiglio USI 2018-2021

Per la loro presentazione, clicca qui

English version - voting indications:


Vote for the List n°3!

Your are on leave or in mission, YOU CAN VOTE by correspondence (READ THIS), deadline 24th April 2018 at 12:30

USI in cooperation with FFPE and U4U

for Ispra and Seville

Solidarity is our business,

defending the staff our mission

1. Careers:

· Reduce job insecurity of the contract agents (internal competitions, training courses)

· Open the career prospective

· Improving of the evaluation & promotion system

2. Work-life balance:

· Flexitime without core hours

· Correct and full implementation of teleworking

· Full support to the European Schools

3. Specificity of the JRC:

· Improvement & maintenance of the site attractivity

· Maintenance of the JRC AIPN and of the independency of the scientific JRC role

· Maintenance & development of the JRC scientific labs & infrastructures



Training course for EPSO competitions

24th of March 2018 - BRUSSELS

We remind you that the AD5 competition is published on the EPSO Website with deadline on 10 April 2018.

If you want to speed up your preparation, we propose you an alternative to the training organized in Ispra on the 21st of April 2018, on

Saturday 24th of March 2018 from 10h00 till 17h00 in Brussels

Here the Program of the training course, deadline for subscription 21st of March.

For applications and information, contact:

To Commissioner Oettinger

On 8th March, the meeting regarding the reorganisation of the Staff Committees will take place between DG HR and Staff representatives.

A link is herewith provided to the original preparatory note (DE) (with courtesy translation in English) (avec traduction de courtoisie en français) addressed to Commissioner Oettinger and sent by four trade unions (USF, FFPE, G2004, RS/U4U), providing their views regarding this sensitive subject.


Note à l'attention de Madame Souka

Journée 8 mars 2018

Depuis quelques années, la journée du 8 mars, qui nous rappelle la lutte des femmes pour l’égalité, va au-delà des simples discours et s’accompagne de mobilisations et appels à la grève.

L’Union Syndicale est solidaire de ce mouvement lancé par des organisations féministes, syndicats et autres institutions et considère que les institutions européennes qui ont des objectifs internes et externes en matière d’égalité et de conciliation de la vie professionnelle et privée qui sont loin d’être atteints, devraient aussi faciliter ce mouvement.

Dans ce contexte, nous vous demandons de faire le nécessaire pour que les fonctionnaires et autres agents qui voudraient suivre ces appels par des arrêts de travail même symboliques puissent le faire dans le contexte de ce que les règles statutaires et leurs dispositions d’exécution le permettent: congés spéciaux, récupération, flexibilité.

En tout état de cause, nous voudrions être rassurés qu’aucune personne ne fera l’objet d’une procédure d’absence irrégulière ou disciplinaire.

Union Syndicale


Union Syndicale Ispra, in collaboration with ORSEU, is organising a training course in English for AD competitions.

The full-day course (9:30-12:30/13:30-16:30) will be held on:

  • Saturday 14th April 2018 in Seville
  • Saturday 21st of April 2018 in Ispra

The course will be organised as follow:

  • Overall presentation of the computer-based MCQ tests
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Abstract reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Situational Judgement

All above sessions include a methodology, test and correction.

The price of the training course is 60€ for USI members (and relatives) and 120€ for all the others included external staff.

For information and to send your subscription form contact: DEADLINE Monday 26th March 2018 (limited availability).


Partecipazione al Comité Fédéral dell'Union Syndicale Fédérale (USF)

AIA (NL) il 2 e 3 febbraio 2018

in vista della preparazione del Congresso USF che si terrà dal 30/05 al 02/06 2019 .

Fanno parte del Comité Fédéral USF: Monica Ermolli e Umberto Montaretto Marullo. Supplenti: Nicola Ardigo, Annett Janusch Roi


What is the role of Trade Union?

What is done in the Committees?

Among others, two concrete examples to answer to the colleagues who ask us what the union role is about or what is done in the committees.

1. The TRADE UNION represents YOU ​​in the negotiations with the Commission to modify the general implementation provisions of the statute


On Thursday 26.01.2018, during the plenary meeting of the Central Staff Committee, Mr. Christian Roques, (DG HR), explained how the PMO calculates the pension rights of the colleagues who transfer national payments into the Commission's funds and what difficulties the PMO meets in doing the calculation by applying the rules in force.

To eliminate these difficulties, the proposal is to open the negotiations with the unions to establish new implementing provisions in 2019.

2. The TRADE UNION represents YOU ​​in the negotiations with the Commission to modify the general implementation provisions of the statute


During the last meeting of the Joint Sickness Insurance's Joint Management Committee (JSIS) on 17 and 18 January 2018, the PMO proposed to the staff and administration representatives to open the negotiations in 2019 in order to modify the rules that determine the amount of reimbursements of medical expenses.

These examples are just two SMALL concrete examples of the decisive role of unions and committees for all of us.

Union Syndicale participates in all negotiations with the administration and has representatives of the staff in all Committees.


Important events

We inform you about some events that we consider important:

1. The reorganization of HR also foresees the modification* of the structure of the Social Dialogue and of the structure of the Local and Central Staff Committee composition

A proposal signed by 4 unions has been sent to the administration on 24thJanuary 2018

2. For 2019, the PMO has proposed to revise the general implementation provisions which determine the reimbursement of medical expenses

3. Moreover, the administration has announced that it will propose changes in the implementation provisions for the calculation of pension rights

Union Syndicale to better represent you, must know what do you think about these topics and invites you to discuss it by attending the USI Council meeting

Tuesday 6th February from 11:45 to 13:00 (Ed.63)


Ecco i feedback dopo la seconda giornata del corso di preparazione ai concorsi AST in lingua francese tenutosi sabato 3 febbraio :

  • ci é stato segnalato che alcune delle diapositive usate durante il corso contengono errori; lo abbiamo comunicato alla docente in modo che corregga.
  • é stato notato il mancato approfondimento della parte IT che effettivamente è nuova e per la quale è mancato del materiale. Abbiamo quindi provveduto a concordare un test gratuito on-line su questo modulo per i partecipanti dei due corsi appena conclusi!

Grazie a tutti i partecipanti che hanno compilato la scheda di valutazione del corso.


Grande successo della prima giornata del corso di preparazione ai concorsi AST organizzato dall'Union Syndicale Ispra tenutosi sabato 27 gennaio.

Il riscontro dei partecipanti è stato molto positivo! Abbiamo distribuito un questionario per valutare la struttura, l'organizzazione, la qualità della didattica e l'utilità in generale e i commenti ricevuti sono stati finora ottimi. L'unico appunto che abbiamo ricevuto riguarda un aspetto che è fuori dal nostro controllo: c'è stato fatto notare che i partecipanti chiacchierano durante il corso :-)

Ringraziamo l'OIB per averci ospitato nelle sale del Club House.


The number 79 of the USF AGORA Magazine is available here

Article on the precarious work in the Public sector

We are constantly being told that more flexible working arrangements is good for us. Studies have shown the opposite to be true. We interviewed colleagues on fixed term contracts to find out why they took the contract and how it affects their daily life


Round table for discussing the new General Implementation Provision for Contract Agents

As of 1st November, the new General Implementation Provisions (GIPs) concerning Contractual Agents entered into force. These new rules bring significant changes to the employment conditions of contract staff employed by the Commission.

Several Contract Agents colleagues informed Union Syndicale Ispra about their concerns and questions about the content and implications of the new GIPs.

Union Syndicale Ispra invites you to a Round Table to discuss those rules among us in view of the next step of the negotiation. Following the declaration of the Commissioner Oettinger, the Trade Unions requested a new cycle of "technical meetings"(Réunions techniques) on the new GIPs.

Tuesday 12 December 2017 in the Meeting room of Building 63 at 11:30


Note signed by many trade unions (USF included) has been sent to Mrs Souka, director General of DG HR

This letter(in french) is presenting a list of subjects that need to be discussed in-depth to improve the employment condistions of contract staff employed by the commission


Note signed by many Trade Unions (USF included) has been sent to Mrs. SOUKA, Director General of HR.

This note in French concerns a request of" technical concertation" on the decision draft for the article 51 of the Staff Regulations "Procedures for dealing with incompetence"



Bruxelles, le 15 NOVEMBRE 2017

Le personnel des AMC de la Commission européenne s’est réuni en Assemblée générale pour discuter de la mise en place du nouveau projet "HR delivery model 2.0" de modernisation de la fonction RH à la Commission.Le 8 novembre, la DG HR a demandé à ce personnel de communiquer sa décision à son chef d’unité pour le 17 novembre au plus tard s’il voulait être définitivement affecté à la DG HR à partir du 1er décembre 2017 ou prolonger sa mise à disposition par sa DG d’origine.

Considérant que :

        • le personnel des AMC s’est considérablement investi depuis le début de la phase pilote de modernisation de la fonction des ressources humaines afin de faire de cet exercice un succès;le but de cette modernisation était la réalisation d’économies pour permettre de réaffecter des postes vers des tâches prioritaires de la Commission;
        • le nouveau projet "HR delivery model 2.0", tel qu’il a été présenté est plus une refonte du projet initial qu’une modification de celui-ci;
        • le personnel qui participe à cet exercice se trouve dans la confusion par rapport à leur fonction, les workflows et les relations entre les différents acteurs mais également par rapport à leur situation future.

L’assemblée du personnel des AMC:

        • Prend acte que le personnel a le choix de pouvoir prolonger sa mise à disposition ou intégrer la DG HR à partir du 1er décembre 2017.

Demande à la DG HR:

        • de rendre public les résultats de l’étude qui justifierait la nouvelle version du modèle HR (delivery model 2.0) ainsi que les économies réalisées;
        • de mettre à la disposition des collègues des AMC les descriptions des postes de destination en cas de recentralisation de leur fonction ainsi que leur future affectation au sein des services de la DG HR;
        • de définir avec les DG d’origine les conditions pour les éventuelles réintégrations des collègues dans ces DG, y compris les possibilités de formation et job shadowing;
        • de donner les garanties nécessaires (notamment de continuité de contrat) aux collègues AC qui travailleront dans les AMC;
        • d’effectuer une analyse détaillée afin de clarifier le rôle du BC et sa relation avec les AMC et HR Corporate;
        • de mettre en place un plan d’accompagnement ad-hoc pour accompagner et suivre ce processus, y compris des mesures spécifiques pour leur bien-être au travail;
        • d'entamer une négociation formelle avec les organisations syndicales pour assurer le suivi du processus.

-Presentazione "Union Syndicale Ispra 2017" è disponibile in versione italiana, inglese e francese.

-USI ha negoziato nuove condizioni particolarmente favorevoli per i suoi aderenti con BNP PARIBAS, agenzia di Ispra.

Dettagli dell'offerta disponibili in italiano e inglese.

-Da Mercoledí 14 a Venerdí 16 giugno 2017, saranno a Ispra i rappresentanti US eletti al Comitato Centrale del Personale della Commissione,

Sigg. Ignazio Iacono, Nicolas Mavraganis, Alessandro Campo, Carlo Scano e Stefano Varriale. Un incontro programmato con gli aderenti US è previsto per giovedì 15. Chi volesse partecipare è pregato di contattare la segreteria per ulteriori dettagli sul programma.

-Cambiamenti al JRC: US-I informa - Changements au CCR: US-I vous informe

Ristrutturazione Human Resources – Account Management Center 8 (AMC8)


Sono passate solo poche settimane dall'annuncio della ristrutturazione interna del vecchio Direttorato B del JRC, con conseguente sparizione delle sue unità che si occupavano di risorse umane.

L'avvento dei nuovi gruppi di DGHR che le hanno sostituite non è passato inosservato al personale di Ispra che ha già manifestato qualche segno di malessere. Nella maggior parte dei casi, ciò è stato causato dall'applicazione di norme concernenti i giorni di assenza per motivi particolari come ad esempio la partecipazione a EPSO test o la donazione del sangue.

L'attitudine del servizio di DGHR nel rispondere alle richieste del personale del JRC è parsa molto diversa, sia nei modi che nei contenuti, rispetto a quella della vecchia amministrazione del JRC. In realtà, il passaggio dell'Autorità dal JRC all'AMC8 di DGHR ha solo fatto si che tutte le specificità del JRC nel trattamento del suo personale venissero perse. L'AMC8 di DGHR applica le regole di DGHR che, ovviamente, non tengono in considerazione le necessità del personale del JRC e in particolare, non tengono conto delle necessità del personale del JRC localizzato in siti periferici.

Abbiamo quindi scritto al Direttore Generale del JRC, Mr Vladimir Sucha, per chiedere se qualcosa di fondamentale fosse cambiato per il JRC, se le decisioni, che prima competevano unicamente al JRC nella gestione del suo personale e quelle che il JRC prendeva in collaborazione con DGHR, fossero ora gestite unicamente da DGHR. Questo fatto sarebbe, infatti, a nostro avviso, fortemente penalizzante per il JRC e per il suo personale.

La risposta del Direttore Generale è arrivata tempestiva e rassicurante. Secondo quanto ci scrive Mr Sucha, nulla è cambiato e niente è in procinto di cambiare.

Ci sentiamo quindi in obbligo di condividere con tutto il personale del JRC del sito di Ispra questo messaggio e vi invitiamo a seguirne gli sviluppi sul nostro sito o di persona, la nostra porta è sempre aperta.

Union Syndicale Fédérale Ispra (USI) is an organisation of workers employed by the European institutions and bodies located at the Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy.

USI is a local section of the Union Syndicale Fédérale (USF). USI is a Trade Union independent of any political, private or governmental interests, religious or philosophical movements.

The main goal of the trade union is to contribute to a modern and democratic Europe by actively supporting the Institutions and the active solidarity among the staff.

The trade union safeguards the general interests, the moral and economic rights of all staff of all institutions and in particular of its own affiliates.

USF has sections in several Institutions such as in the: European Commission, European Parliament, Council, Court of Justice, Court of Auditors or in Agencies.

Union Syndicale participates in negotiations at all levels (administrative, technical and political) to establish the working conditions as it is foreseen in the Staff Regulations applicable to all agents and officials.

USI acts in favour of the stability of the employment contracts by encouraging the:

  • career development
  • the promotion right
  • moral and professional development

USI defends the rights regarding:

  • flexitime
  • teleworking
  • gender balance
  • indemnities
  • shift work
  • required availabilities

Last but not least, USI acts to preserve the purchasing power of salaries and pensions. Other fundamental topics for the trade union refer to the enhancement and optimisation of the family's living conditions at the different working sites supporting the:

  • European School
  • health care system (CGAM)
  • unemployment indemnity

The trade Union supports the Central Staff Committee (CCP) of the Commission chaired by Mr Ignazio Iacono, member of Union Syndicale Bruxelles.

All Union Syndicale sections support their candidates elected in the different Local Staff Committees (LSC) to carry out their task of control and surveillance of the correct implementation of the Staff Regulation.

Agora is a biannually issued magazine by USF dealing with political news and issues affecting the staff. It is available in the main different EU languages.

Principal services offered by USI in collaboration with USF refer to:

  • drafting of administrative appeals (article 90/2)
  • legal assistance in case of personal or working related controversial cases

USI helps you to prepare for EPSO tests thanks with books and online trainings.