Preparing competitions

For those who have passed the first step of the EPSO competition AD5 or want to be prepared for the next competition, we would like to inform you that the new ORSEU book "E-tray" is available (in English or French) at the special price of 30€ for USI members (40€ for non-members) and can be bought from USI Secretariat (bldg. 63, office 008 – open from 9:30 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 17:00)

EPSO Book e-tray

This book is aimed at all candidates taking European institution competition exams who wish to prepare in the best possible way for the e-tray test.

The e-tray exercise is a computer-based simulation of a real work situation and replicates an email inbox which contains information relating to a particular issue. Candidates need to find solutions in the best way possible within a fixed amount of time.

In our book, we explain all the subtleties of the test. We present a methodology to allow the candidates to assess the situation and options wisely. They will be able to practise with two test examples.

This test has been present in the AST competition at the assessment centre stage since 2011 while it has been introduced in the AD5 competitions in 2015 as an additional selection step between the preselection and the assessment centre phases. It will also be present in the 2017 AD5 competition.

We also remind you that other books are still available in english or in french:


The new verbal reasoning book is also available in italian!!!

To the Contract Agents new US-I members, an additional 50% discount will be applied on the purchase of the first book.

Please contact: for further information and to subscribe to our trade Union! Please be prepared to pay in cash.