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“In 1899, the streets of New York City echoed with the voices of newsies, peddling the papers of Joseph Pulitzer, William Randolph Hearst, and other giants of the newspaper world. On every corner you saw them carrying the banner. Bringing you the news for a penny a pape. Poor orphans and runaways, the newsies were a ragged army without a leader, until one day all that changed.”

So begins “Newsies”, the 1992 live action Disney musical starring a 17-year-old Christian Bale, that tells the story of the 1899 strike by New York’s newsboys against The World newspaper, owned by Joseph Pulitzer.

Although by Disney’s standards “Newsies” was not a successful movie, it was beloved by many, becoming a cult classic. This led to the creation of a Broadway show, which opened in 2012 and was unexpectedly successful. It ran for two years and over 1,000 performances, wowing audiences and earning two Tony Awards.

The “Newsies” that you are going to see on the Unicorn stage is the Broadway, Jr. version of the Broadway show that has finally been released for schools and youth theatres to perform.

Set in New York City in 1899, and based on an actual event, Newsies is the story of Jack Kelly, a charismatic newsboy and leader of a band of young "newsies." When Joseph Pulitzer, William Randolph Hearst, and other owners of New York’s major newspapers, raise the price to the newsies from 50 cents to 60 cents a hundred, Jack rallies newsies from across the city to strike against the increase that would seriously reduce the earnings of working boys who were already struggling to survive.

“Newsies” is a fast-moving, highly entertaining show with an ensemble cast of memorable characters, an engaging script, and outstanding songs – including “Carrying the Banner”, “Seize and Day”, “King of New York”, and all our other favourites from the movie. There are also two new songs specially written for the Broadway show.

The story of how Jack and his fellow newsies from across the city band together to “…break the will of mighty Bill and Joe” (Hearst and Pulitzer) is truly inspirational in showing us how little people can win out against overwhelming odds to defeat injustice by showing a united front and truly believing in their cause.

“Newsies” is a feel-good musical that will have you leaving the theatre humming the songs and maybe even all fired up to go out and sign up to fight all the injustice in the world!

Unicorn Theatre’s multi-talented and enthusiastic young cast will be bringing you the show on the following dates:

Friday, December 2 – 7:30 pm

Saturday, December 3 – 3:00 pm

Sunday, December 4 – 3:00 pm

Friday, December 9 – 7:30 pm

Saturday, December 10 – 3:00 pm

Sunday, December 11 – 3:00 pm

Tickets: $10 for adults, students, children, and seniors

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