Get Involved


No experience is needed. We encourage anyone who is interested in volunteering to come in and meet our staff in person during operating hours. The Bike Coop is open to anyone and everyone. We are an independently run business from the University and thus we are not paid for our work. Volunteers will get over-the-shoulder training on how to fix bikes, and other necessities to running a business.

Becoming Core

Core membership usually consists of a dedication of 12-15hrs a week. In order to become a core member, volunteers generally demonstrate their commitment over a quarter. Initially as volunteers, they will learn the basics of running a bike shop through “over-the-shoulder” learning. As a volunteer base is established annually (usually consisting of new students), the current core members provide trainings, rides, and an overall rad time! No experience is needed to become core, just a dedication to keeping the Bike Coop alive and kicking.

Becoming a Member

Members pay $15 to be a member for the quarter. This generous donation is a huge help in keeping the Bike Co-op open and smiling! Members get %10 of all new purchases (including any special orders) as well as $1 off tubes for those times when those pesky flats just keep on coming.

For updates on workshops and group rides check our Facebook (The Bike Coop) and Instagram @thebikecoop