We kindly ask that those who visit the shop seeking access to our tools for basic bike maintenance donate $1-5 dollars. All merchandise is marked down at a student discount, and your donation makes it possible for this to keep happening. We ask all students who come in with a higher standard for their bike needs to be prepared to pay $5-10 for our more specialized tools. Please consider donating to the Bike Coop to allow our shop to serve the UCSC community and offer low-cost rates for further generations.

Bike Parts

We really appreciate donations of parts because customers are always looking to replace with used rather than new. It is also a way for you to clear out your pile of bike parts that you don't need, knowing they will find a new home through the co-op.


We accept bike donations! Although our facility is extremely small, if a bike is functional we'll take it. All donated bikes will be rebuilt and likely sold to a university student. Proceeds go to the Bike Coop.