Who is the Bike Coop for?

ANYONE AND EVERYONE. We are a safe space for anyone to come and enjoy the coop. Come on in with your bike and questions.

What does the Bike Coop do?

We are a full service bike shop at UC Santa Cruz. We provide students an educational, low cost alternative to getting their bikes fixed. We take the time to explain how to easily and efficiently do maintenance on your bike. We ask customers to donate $1-5 for usage of our basic tools and $5-10 dollars for more specialized tools and assistance. Everything is marked down at a student discount, but anyone and everyone has access to our tools and products. If you are looking for normal service, drop your bike off for a work order. We do our service at a reduced student rate as well.

Does the Bike Coop accept credit or debit cards?

Yes, we have square. And no, you will not be charged.

Any sponsorships?

We sponsor the UCSC Bicycling Team (Slug Cycling) and provide other bike-related programs on campus access to our space and knowledge.

Where you at again?

We’re across the Bookstore in the Quarry Plaza, on the 2nd floor of the Redwood Buildings.