“Whenever we encounter another person in love, we learn something new about God.” Pope Francis

We recognize that being Catholic is doesn’t end at the Church doors, but reaches into every facet of our lives. We are students committed to our faith and want to share it with others, offering opportunities for encounter so that others may come to know Christ and his Church.

The Encounter Team plans and carries out all our opportunities of encounter. We do not call these programs or events, because we view them primarily as opportunities to meet a person. As Pope Francis has said, it is through encounter that the real grace of God can work.

Our team is divided into committees that focus on different aspects of our Catholic faith that help us to grow in mind, body, and spirit.


The ministry of presence in which leaders of the faith community make themselves available by being on campus regularly and getting involved in activities and events is a valuable way of making initial contact with potential members of the faith community and of enhancing existing relationships."

Empowered by the Spirit, #39

We seek to create community by offering opportunities that invite and encourage people to think about their faith, to build real friendships and have lots of fun.


  • Tabling on Campus
  • Game Nights
  • Spring Formal

Spirituality and Faith Formation

“By its very nature, Christianity calls us to an ever-deeper understanding and appreciation of our faith. . . . Members of the faith community who achieve a more mature grasp of their Christian faith are in a better position to understand themselves and their world. Those who continue their theological education are better able to reflect on their experiences in the light of the Gospel.”

We seek to help students grow in their faith in Christ through opportunities for prayer, reflection and a deepening understanding of our faith tradition.


  • Rosary Prayer Group
  • Twilight Retreats
  • Lectures

Christian Living

"Campus ministry has the crucial task of assisting in the formation of Catholic consciences so that individuals who will continue to face very complex ethical issues throughout their lives are prepared to make good moral judgments according to gospel values."

Empowered by the Spirit, #63

We seek to encourage students to live out their faith and care for themselves.


  • How does our faith form and inform our majors?
  • Discussions on current events, making moral decisions, and forming our consciences.
  • Running, yoga and eating well.

Service and Justice

"Campus ministry is called to make the struggle for social justice an integral part of its mission. The academic world generates questions not only of personal morality but also of social justice, which includes issues of peace and war, as well as reverence for life in all phases of its development."

Empowered by the Spirit, #70

We seek to help our community understand and act on our social justice tradition to make decision based on gospel values.

  • Service Opportunities
  • Spring Break Mission Trips
  • Operation Rice Bowl


1. Each committee has a student coordinator.

2. Encounter Team members self-select which area they wish to work each month.

3. Each committee is responsible for planning, executing and evaluating opportunities of encounter.


1. Facilitate committees meetings.

2. Alongside Campus Ministry Intern to schedule events.

3. Ensure committee members are competing tasks for opportunities of encounter.

4. Evaluate each opportunity of encounter upon completion.

Encounter Team Meetings

1. First Sunday of the Monday – the entire Encounter Team meets to pray together and breakout into committees for planning. All events will be scheduled at this time.

2. It is expected that planning may occur outside of Team Meetings.

Other Responsibilities

1. All Encounter Team members are encouraged to participate in one of our small groups.

2. All Encounter Team members are encouraged to participate in the one-on-one mentorship training in the Fall.

2. All Encounter Team members are expected to offer invitation to their peers to opportunities of encounter.

3. Committees will rotate responsibility to coordinate our weekly Thursday dinner.

4. All Encounter Team members will, when possible, act as Greeters at the 5:30 pm student mass.

For more information, please contact Michael or Holly at smsgnewman@gmail.com.