Post Graduate Service

Take a year (or two) to serve God's people

There are many programs that offer short and long term service. We have some listed below. You may also consider going to Catholic Volunteer Network to find other organizations.


St. Vincent de Paul – Cincinnati has an exciting year of service program called Vincentian Volunteers of Cincinnati (VVC). The program empowers young adults to become community leaders who live their faith by directly serving their neighbors in need. As a VVC member, you will be a full-time volunteer at St. Vincent de Paul’s Outreach Center in Cincinnati and live in an intentional community with other VVC members for 11 months.

During your time as a Vincentian Volunteer of Cincinnati you will learn through new experiences. You will work one-on-one with people who are experiencing poverty and gain a new understanding of your roll in the community, issues of justice and poverty, and how our faith calls us to respond.

Through the Vincentian Volunteers of Cincinnati program, young adults have the opportunity to inspire others by living their faith, growing in friendship by making lasting connections, and serving in solidarity by encountering their neighbors in need and the challenges they face. Other program benefits include:

• Financial education reward ($5,550) upon completion of service

• Room and Board with other VVC Members

• Monthly personal and phone stipends

• Health Insurance

• Personal and Spiritual growth

• Professional development and Career exploration

• Assistance in seeking Loan Deferment

I welcome a conversation with you about the program. I am happy answer any questions that you might have and to talk more in-depth about the different volunteer roles that are available, based on your personal strengths and interests. You can also gather more information in the attached documents or on our Web site and blog. My full contact information is below, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Maura Carpinello

Vincentian Volunteers of Cincinnati

513.562.8841 ext. 239


We are a community of faith and action that responds to the Gospel call in the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul. We are young men and women, ages 22-30, who serve the elderly, homeless, developmentally disabled, troubled youth and those who are poor.

Our year-long program offers an opportunity for spiritual, emotional, professional growth, and a way of discerning and living one’s Christian vocation.

For more information, see their website.


Nonprofit Leadership Program

Franciscan Mission Service offers opportunities for young Catholics (ages 21 to 35) to learn about non-profits, appreciate the Franciscan charism, deepen their commitment to service, and grow in their faith while working in our office and living in our residential community. This used to be known as the “domestic volunteer program.”

There is an attachment below with more details.

For more information, contact them at


Long Term Overseas Mission

St. Francis of Assisi built bridges between cultures and peoples, and you can too, as a missioner with Franciscan Mission Service (FMS).

We help Catholic lay women and men prepare to serve on two-year missions where they partner with poor and oppressed communities around the world.

Through our 13-week mission formation process, you’ll learn how to serve others in ways that are respectful and honoring of cultural, religious, and personal differences.

For more information or to apply:

The St. Joseph Worker Program

Sponsored by the Congregation of St. Joseph.

Women ages 21-30 are invited to become St. Joseph Workers for one year beginning in August and ending in June. Applications are due March 15th.

Support and training in leadership, spirituality, community & simplicity, and justice. Work within diverse communities, addressing the needs of the poor and marginalized through ministries of education, immigration, healthcare, and social change.

For more information, contact Sr. Jackie Schmitz, 504-909-0091 or or visit

The PLACE Corps

Partners in Los Angeles Catholic Education – is LMU’s nationally recognized Catholic teacher service corps. The two-year program combines coursework at LMU for a debt-free master’s degree and credential, with service in an under-resourced elementary or high school in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. PLACE Corps members live with one another in spiritually-based communities throughout Los Angeles.

Ideal PLACE Corps candidates have a heart for service, a desire to continue their faith journey, and a passion for working with children and those in under-served communities. The PLACE Corps accepts all majors; no formal coursework in education is needed to apply.

Our website – - is also a great resource for learning more about our program.

Vincentian Mission Corps.

The Vincentian Service Corps has three core values: service, prayer and community. Sponsored by the Daughters of Charity, our program is founded on Christian Gospel values as seen and lived in the lives of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac. We seek young adults ages 20 - 35 who are open to using their gifts to serve persons who are marginalized and living in poverty in St. Louis, while living simply, sharing in community, and growing as a people of prayer and faith. Our current volunteers serve the homeless, school children, the elderly and disabled, and new mothers, and we try to match prospective volunteers in locations for the best use of their talent. The VMC community also takes part in three retreat weekends each year, as well as other spiritual formation and fun. Thank you for listening to God’s call and considering a year of service!

Contact: Kellie Willis at (314) 533-4770 ext. 103 or

Marianist Volunteer Program

The Marianist Volunteer Program (MVP) provides opportunities for men and women of faith to share in the Marianist charism by building a community in mission for peace, justice and solidarity with the poor and marginalized. The MVP does this by: providing opportunities for faith, spiritual and personal development; empowering a diversity of volunteers to be partners for peace and justice; experiencing the Marianist vision of lay leadership and community; living out an option for the poor and marginalized through a simple lifestyle and cross-cultural service.

Contact: Dan Richter at (314) 533-1207 or or visit

Jesuit Volunteer Corps

The Jesuit Volunteer Corps is a national and international program operated by five regional offices. Thus, local JVC staff can continue to understand community needs, retain regional ties, and provide the strong personal and programmatic support to the volunteers that is the hallmark of JVC. Jesuit Volunteers make a commitment to serve where the need is greatest, to work with people who are marginalized by society, and to live in apostolic community with other JVs. In all, about 250 JVs each year work in the United States and in seven countries around the world. Contact: Geoff Graham at (410) 244-1733 or

Loretto Volunteer Program

The Loretto Volunteer Program gives volunteers an opportunity to share in the Loretto mission to work for justice and act for peace. Placements include Loretto’s NGO office at the UN; Interfaith Voices radio programming; leadership programming and transitional housing for low-income women; legal services for immigrants; ministry to gay and lesbian Catholics; social services and health clinics for underserved. Flexible beginning/ending dates.

Contact: Barbara Mecker, Loretto Volunteer Coordinator at (314) 962-8112 or or visit