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The Tupelo Mutual Aid Project hosts a digital community that reflects the needs, desires, and passions of the actual community we share. We offer several places to come together, offer and request assistance, and discuss what we hope to build here. We are based in Tupelo, Mississippi.

The Spreadsheet

The TMAP Community Spreadsheet is where the magic happens! This is the place where members of the community are invited to come together to develop relationships with our friends and neighbors. Here, we provide a safe space for people in need to request help, as well as a practical workspace where volunteers can see the community's growing needs updated in real-time. By hosting these two spaces together, we hope to remove the barrier between volunteers and the community, bringing the focus onto the most direct and immediately beneficial ways to impact our world.

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All transactions are confidential to protect the privacy of our community members. Financial records will be made available on the Community Spreadsheet to ensure transparency in our distribution of resources.

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