Death Coat

The Death Coat encourages talk and thinking about death. The coat is covered with skulls and the names of dead people we want to remember. I started the names with a few of my family members, but then I left space for future names. I would wear the coat in public and invite others to add a name of someone they want to remember. This would lead to a conversation about their departed friend or family members, and I think the practice of talking of death makes it easier to cope with.

Almost everyone I encountered loved the coat, added a name, and told me their story. Eventually the coat was sold, but you can make your own coat, and I plan to make another one.

Rubber Creatures

  • I make clothes that are fun, unusual, and ecologically sound.

  • I use recycled and up-cycled materials, primarly bike inner tubes.

  • My first solo exhibiton of wearable art was in 2017, and my first runway show was in 2019.

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