Protest Coat

The Protest Coat (2023) was a simple coat resuced from a thrift store and hand-painted with statements about fascism (back) and book banning (front and sleeves). Perfect for wearing to city council meetings, libraries, concerts, grocery stores, and anywhere you wish. 

Here I am at the Nasher Art Museum at Duke University in December 2023. Multiple museum visitors and staff talked to me about the coat and appreciated it.

Make your own protest coat.

Death Coat

The Death Coat (2018) encourages talk and thinking about death. The coat is covered with skulls and the names of dead people we want to remember. I started the names with a few of my family members, but then I left space for future names. I would wear the coat in public and invite others to add a name of someone they want to remember. This would lead to a conversation about their departed friend or family members, and I think the practice of talking of death makes it easier to cope with.

Almost everyone I encountered loved the coat, added a name, and told me their story. Eventually the coat was sold, but you can make your own coat, and I plan to make another one.

Rubber Creatures