• Angel Study (NIH study)

  • TRI-MEweb (US EPA organization)

  • Dorgon's Realm (heavy metal band)

  • Véronique Diabolique (Valentine's Day version of a band logo)

  • Skulduggery (puzzle hunt)


  • I made funny Election Bingo cards for 2020 and shared the files online so players could print their own.

  • All icons were hand-drawn, scanned, and resized to match.


50 Short Films About Ben Turney: movie poster for 50th birthday party

Music festival poster based on the old CCB building in downtown Durham, NC

Honorable Mention for poster design at the 2007 NC AIGA Biennial Juried Show

Duke Divinity School: conference poster

Duke University Scholars Program: symposium poster

Music flyer with hand cut letters and shapes

Web Design

Most of my web design has been for government websites (NIH, EPA) that already have style guides and rules in place, so there isn't much room to create new designs. Below are two examples of new layouts I designed for EPA customers.