I make all kinds of art: stories, costumes, paintings, music, fashion, movies, installations, and puzzle hunts. Movies and puzzle hunts are favorite formats because I love collaboration, and I get to explore several art disciplines at the same time.

For my friend’s 50th birthday I organized “50 Short Films for Ben Turney.” I secretly contacted his friends and family, convinced them to create short films, and then I edited everything into a feature-length movie. We surprised our friend by showing the movie at a local theater. It was a fantastic experience.


Artists are responsible for the influence their art has on others, and I make deliberate decisions on the art I make. My stories are fun and engaging, and I feature girls and women in the lead roles. Most of my stories are comedies with elements of absurdity or magical realism, and I love to have characters solve problems. My hope is to entertain viewers while inspiring them to make a better life for everyone.

- Tom Buhrman

Exhibitions & Projects




  • Premiered two movies Nothing in Durham and The Girl in White at the Carolina Theater – Durham, NC

  • Durham Fashion Week: September 13-15, 2019

  • Rubber Creatures Pop-Up Store at Durham Bazaar Spring Market – Durham, NC

  • Wrote and filmed movies Nothing in Durham and The Girl in White