Driving with Dale, 2020

This short screenplay explores the past and future of Dale the Taxi Driver, who was a major character in our movie "Nothing in Durham." Dale is a taxi driver who doesn't drive, and she picks up her reluctant ex-girlfriend after work and takes her on a ride to a specific location to wait for something. Unfortunately, they don't know what they are waiting for.

We are thrilled to announce that the "Driving with Dale" screenplay is an official selection of the Austin Revolution Film Festival 2020 and was nominated for Best Comedy Short Screenplay. The festival takes place in February 2022.

Nothing in Durham, 2018

A dysfunctional family of French goth musicians tries to reunite, but not everyone wants them to get back together again.

The screenplay for this absurd comedy won recognition in three 2018 competitions, and we filmed the first part of the story in 2019.


Official Selection


NC10BY10 Play Festival, 2021

Legendary Battle was selected for production in the North Carolina 10BY10 Play Festival for 2021. It joins 9 other short plays in the festival:

  • Digging Out, by Vivian Lopez

  • Game of Chance, by Bill Cissna

  • Legendary Battle, by Thomas Buhrman

  • Little Timmy Fell Down the Well Again, by Clinton Festa

  • Neighbors, by Mark Cornell

  • Old Man, by Lauren Walker

  • The Damned, by Charles Keith

  • The Daughter in the Basement, by Debra Kaufman

  • The Wilderness Needs Your Whole Attention, by Bonnie Antosh

  • When God & the Devil Had Lunch at the Valley Mall Food Court, by Teddy Durgin

The NC 10by10 was presented live from September 17-19 and 23-26 at The ArtsCenter in Carrboro.

NC10BY10 Play Festival, 2020

Unwanted Poets was selected for production in the North Carolina 10BY10 Play Festival for 2020. My short play imagines a world where poets are treated like pets, and it joined 9 other short plays in the festival. The plays were presented online during September 2020.