About us

About Tokyo JALT

Tokyo JALT is the largest chapter of The Japan Association for Language Teaching. We serve central Tokyo, but welcome members and attendees from anywhere in the world. We reach more than 1000 dedicated professionals each month through our events, the Tokyo JALT Journal, our monthly newsletter, and networking.

Our diverse membership consists of educators, language instructors, content specialists, and linguists, as well as translators and interpreters, publishers, and other professionals in related fields. We welcome educators of all languages, from all levels, pre-school to adult education. We host regular events with local and international speakers on aspects related to education in Japan.

In addition to our events and our Journal, we are also excited to offer Research Grants. At Tokyo JALT we believe in building our membership and supporting our members' development. Our Research Grants, along with our annual Member Presentations event, we aim to do just that. Consider applying today!

The latest Tokyo JALT news can be found in our monthly newsletter or flyer, the JALT National Calendar, and the listings on this site. To get the latest news delivered directly to your inbox every month, please send an email to Nik Maeda, Membership Chair, at tokyojaltmembership@gmail.com.


Now accepting nominations

We are happy to announce the opening of the nominations period for our annual elections. Each election provides opportunities to help shape the future of Tokyo JALT. We cordially invite you to volunteer your talents and join our team. Our team members devote their energy and time, helping plan events, organize socials, publish our journal, and more. If you are interested in being on our team, please apply today. You can nominate yourself and/or others, so do so today! All positions are great ways to build your CV, network with other professionals, and support the language teaching community.

The nomination period is from April 1 to May 15. Visit a page below to nominate yourself or a colleague.

  • 日本語のnominations page:


If you have questions, please email tokyojaltpresident@gmail.com.

Executive Board

President: Matthew Kocourek TokyoJALTpresident@gmail.com

Treasurer: Darla Cornett TokyoJALTtreasurer@gmail.com

Programs: (Open) (Matthew Kocourek, Acting Chair) TokyoJALTprograms@gmail.com

Membership Chair: Jeffrey Martin TokyoJALTmembership@gmail.com

Publicity Chair: Haruka Ubukata TokyoJALTpublicity@gmail.com

Committee Chairs

Publications Chair: (Open) (Darla Cornett, Acting Chair) TokyoJALTpublications@gmail.com

TJJ Editor: Darla Cornett

External Outreach: Liz Shek-Noble TokyoJALToutreach@gmail.com

Secretary: Maiko Sawada TokyoJALTsecretary@gmail.com

Research: (Open) TokyoJALTresearch@gmail.com

Grants: (Open)(Dawn Lucovich, Acting Chair) TokyoJALTgrants@gmail.com

PR: (Open) TokyoJALTpr@gmail.com

Webmaster: Decha Hongthong TokyoJALTwebmaster@gmail.com

Young Learners: (Open) (Marian Hara, Acting Chair) TokyoJALTYL@gmail.com

Facilities: Daniel Beck TokyoJALTfacilities@gmail.com

Social Events: Michel Joel TokyoJALTevents@gmail.com

JET/ALT Coordinator: Lydia Leung TokyoJALTcoordinator@gmail.com

Web Content: Haruka Ubukata TokyoJALTwebcontent@gmail.com

Chairwoman: Dawn Lucovich TokyoJALTchair@gmail.com

Officers (November 2013), left to right: Eucharia Donnery (Editor), Shunsuke Kuwayama (Program), Sayaka Amano (Publicity), Lina Valdivia (President), Darla Cornett (Treasurer), Patrick Foss (Membership)

Officers (November 2012), left to right: Jim McKinley (president), Megumi Kawate-Mierzejewska (program), Akie Nyui-Kozuka (publicity), Shunsuke Kuwayama (co-publicity), Tom Edwards (treasurer), Keiko Tanaka (editor), Nick Medley (membership)

Akie Nyui-Kozuka (Publicity 2007-2013) gives flowers to outgoing chapter president Sayoko Yamashita (2007-2011), October 20, 2011.

Join the Tokyo JALT team

Officer and volunteer positions are available. They will work closely with officers, international/domestic organizations, and the Tokyo JALT membership. Candidates do NOT need to be a current member of JALT to apply.

      • Vice President
      • Programs Chair
      • Assistant Treasurer
      • Publications Committee Members
      • Research Chair
      • Young Learner Co-Chair
      • Communications Committee Members
      • Conference Committee Members
      • Chapter Coordinators
      • Event Volunteers

All positions will provide excellent opportunities for CV building, networking, and career advancement. 日本語喋れる方もぜひよろしくお願いします!

Please contact TokyoJALTPresident@gmail.com with a brief 100-word summary of your experience and interest.

For information on other positions available, and other Tokyo JALT news, please visit bit.ly/TJALTFlyer