Teaching Younger Learners

Upcoming Events

Our events are typically held at Tokiwamatsu Gakuen on Sunday afternoons. Each event features a speaker (or more), time for sharing ideas, and snacks. We hope you will join us!Location: Tokiwamatsu Gakuen, Himonya 5-17- 16Access: 10 min from Toritsu Daigaku Station, Toyoko Line (http://www.tokiwamatsu.ac.jp/info/access.html)RSVP or apply to present at: http://bit.ly/TJALTandYLevent

Get involved!

If you are interested in helping us make our TYL events even better, reach out to our chair, Marian Hara at tokyojaltyl@gmail.com.

Share your ideas

Interested in sharing your ideas? Apply at http://bit.ly/TJALTandYLevent.

Click here to learn about previous TYL event and see photos. If you have any photos from events you would like to share, please send them to tokyojaltyl@gmail.com