1 Hour Dry - TLC Carpet & Tile


Veteran owned!

Take back lost time !

NO more waiting for carpets to dry?


No detergent residue - spots will not return!

Saves water, and your carpets stay clean longer!

GREEN - No harsh chemicals, SAFE for family and pets!

Dry in 1 Hour, we offer VLM!

You don't need to keep children and pets off the carpets all day!

Quiet equipment, we can clean while you work.

NO OPEN DOORS to run hoses into your home or business!

Ecologically friendly - green chemicals and minimal water used, no engine running in street.

Glue Residue, has stuck around far too long.

Stain Removal

You may not need to replace your floor.
We can make your floor look better.

Give us a try, and keep that money in your pocket!

Cracked Tile Repair.

Don't have matching tile?

We got your cracked and chipped tile or stone covered.

Prevent worsening damage, and preserve your floor!

We can repair, and often match your existing floor!

Got holes, scratches or cracks in your LVP, Tile, Travertine?

Hot Water Extraction

We recommend this method for trashed carpets.

By adding scrubbing to the hot water extraction method we can lower the water pressure, and clean just as effectively using less water.

HWE Tile Cleaning!

Excellent cleaning method for tile and grout.
As grout dries it becomes progressively lighter in color.

Color Sealing for grout available too!

Holes in travertine & marble filled.

Family Owned & Operated

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