Welcome to The Trombone Place! My name is Pete Freeman (click the bottom link on this page for my bio) and I created this site for beginning through intermediate + trombonists who want a place to see, hear, and learn about their instrument. Feel free to explore, to learn, to play, to be inspired, and to have fun!!!

THIS WEBSITE IS MEANT TO BE PLAYED WITH!!! Except for the Pantheon of Great Trombonists and other obvious pages, you should watch and play along with each video. The lessons are meant to help you learn faster. (VERY IMPORTANT- IF A SUGGESTION IS MADE HERE THAT IS DIFFERENT FROM WHAT YOUR TEACHER WANTS YOU TO DO, LISTEN TO YOUR TEACHER! YOUR TEACHER KNOWS YOU, KNOWS YOUR LEARNING STYLE, AND KNOWS HOW TO HELP YOU GROW AND PROGRESS QUICKLY- as long as you practice!!!)

This website is continuously updated, so come back often to see what's been added!!!

If there’s anything you’d like to see posted here, or if you're interested in an online lesson, let me know! My email address is TheTrombonePlace@gmail.com.

CLICK HERE to listen to my appearance on the BOLD AS BRASS Podcast. We had a lot of fun and chatted about some very interesting topics- including music, teaching, professional attitude, and how music and comedy are very much alike!!!

CLICK HERE to view the GET TO THE POINT Google Slides that I created for my presentation at the 2021 International Trombone Festival, held at Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia.

This is where you'll find over 200 scales! You'll see the note names and positions of each scale written both before the scale begins (in case you want to take a screenshot to study from) as well as while the scale is played.

Once your friends and family find out that you play the trombone, they may ask you to play certain songs (with little or no time to prepare.) These videos are some of the more popular requests that you'll get.

Let us know what songs you'd like to see included!

Here's where you'll find short video lessons on how to read music. Each one is extremely specific, so you'll quickly get the exact information you're looking for.

Here are solos you can listen to, practice, and perform. Each has helpful hints that you can either watch or read.

Etudes are short pieces for study and for allowing the performer to display skills. They are also used as honors ensembles audition pieces. Most of the videos here include helpful hints from the performers.

This is where you'll find a variety of jazz songs that are often used for evaluations and auditions. Most are recorded at both the written performance tempo AND a much slower tempo to study from and to practice along with. (Every piece included is listed as a graded solo by the New York State School Music Association, or NYSSMA.)

Playing duets is important for your musicianship, and it's really fun! This page will lead you to videos of duet parts from method books so that you can play with someone any time you want!

Here in the Pantheon of Great Trombonists, you'll find video and audio recordings of incredible musicians. Honorees here represent all different styles, so a great symphony orchestra trombonist may be next to a wonderful jazz trombonist. This exhibit is an introduction to these amazing players, and hopefully you'll want to see, hear, and learn more about them after you listen.

Here are some wonderful webpages, YouTube channels, podcasts, and other places that you should visit!!!

Feel free to print and post in your room!

Here you'll find a free metronome, tuner, drone, and staff paper!!!

Here are some exercises that many trombonists do when they begin to play that help get their lips, lungs, and tongues prepared for buzzing, breathing, and tonguing. Take your time when you try them and you'll soon see and hear huge results!

Welcome to a list of some wonderful college trombone studios. (If you don't see the ones you're interested in, let us know and we'll do what we can to add them!!!)

Here are some topics about trombone playing, musicianship, and life that I've been thinking about. Leave your comments!!!

Here are some amazing performances by non-trombonists. It's so important to listen so that we can learn from these wonderful musicians!

Here's a little about me, along with a picture of me and Louie!!!