The Occupational Therapy Classroom

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This site was created in collaboration between Occupational Therapists at KidsInclusive, Student Occupational Therapists at Queen's University, and Educational Services Staff at the Limestone District School Board. This project came out of a recognized need for staff to have access to information and strategies prior to considering an OT referral.

The time between making a referral and receiving services can be quite long. Not every referral meets the criteria for OT services. An assessment would be completed to determine eligibility for OT services.

There are many strategies teachers can use in the classroom and families can try at home without an OT referral. We hope you find this site helpful in exploring some of these strategies.

Find out strategies to help students stay regulated and ready to learn.

Learn about managing sensory needs and challenging behaviors in the classroom.

Learn about the development of Fine Motor skills such as handwriting, cutting with scissors, and catching a ball.

Find strategies and activities for students to practice these skills in the classroom.

Is an OT referral for sensory or fine motor appropriate?

Learn first steps before making a referral and what to expect when working with OT.

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Still have questions? The Educational Resources page provide additional videos and in depth explanations of key concepts.

Download tip sheets related to sensory & self-regulation and fine motor development.

Find answers to frequently asked questions related to OT, sensory, behaviours, and fine motor.