Full of bravery, the twins Max and Gabriel are climbing up a glacier. On the top, the beauty of nature takes their breath away. Their hearts are full of joy and hope as if their youth is never-ending and life limitless. Even as the ground starts to shake, one of them doesn’t lose his light-hearted feeling. But it only takes one wrong step, one unplanned move and Gabriel, the more impetuous brother is dead and Max, who remains alone, recognizes that life does in fact have an ending. The Glacier, once full of beauty and limitless joy is now cruel, dark ice. He desperately dismounts the glacier and time goes by. He travels the world as a glaciologist and 30 years later, he has to understand that the pain of losing is stronger than every mountain. Gabriel is still in every tree, in every mountain, wherever Max goes. Max soon loses his sense of reality and imagination and is searching for hope in a world full of fantasy. One day, he is back at the very spot on the Glacier where Gabriel died and makes a decision: He wants to rescue Gabriel’s body. But what he doesn’t know is that there is a creature in the mountains that is stronger and mightier than a human: a mountain phantom, who got sluggish in the face of a never-ending life and who only finds joy in playing ruthless games with hikers. Every once in a while, one of those games ends in death, but that doesn’t bother the phantom at all. But somehow, Max isn’t just one of those hikers for the phantom. Somehow, he sees something else in Max. And just like that, the tables are turned.