Chudoscnik Sunergia


Socio-cultural association since 1991

They organize art and cultural events with the motivated commitment of 95 volunteers and 19 professional members in the north of the German-speaking Community of Belgium: music and street theatre festivals, a summer workshop with band workshop, concerts, theatre performances, cabaret, readings and happenings, art exhibitions.

They are always looking for synergies between art disciplines, artists and the public and surprise them with alternative event concepts.

This idea is also hidden behind the name: "Chudoscnik" is the Russian name for "artist" and "Sunergia" the ancient Greek word for "fusion".

The aim is to enrich cultural life locally, regionally and nationally, preferably through niche offers. They create space for contemporary art and culture and pay attention to great diversity and quality of content. New and regional artists deserve our support.


  • Chudoscnik Sunergia VoG - Art & Culture
  • Rotenbergplatz 19, 4700 Eupen
  • 087/ 59 46 20 /