Haunted History

What goes better with Murder Mysteries than real life mayhem?

The Butler Did It Players is your headquarters for bringing real life Ghost Stories to your audience.

Choose from either our Haunted History Pairing Dinners


Walking Ghost Tour

We bring our dramatic flair for the macabre to stories exclusive to your area.

Haunted History Pairing Dinners

Invite your audience to a 1.5 hour 4 course dinner crafted to pair with five libations of your choice. We specialize in building menus to pair with seasonal beers, wines, or whiskeys. While your diners enjoy the blending of the flavors we've chosen, we will provide ambiance and entertainment by regaling them with stories of the macabre of the immediate area. What goes better with Pumpkin Ale and Butternut squash curry than stories of betrayal, murder, and suicide?

Comments on Pairing Dinners

  • It was fun! ! And a great way to introduce new beers those of us who wouldn't normally try. Love the stories too!! - Lori N.
  • The stories were great and the food was paired really well with the beer. - Vicki L.
  • Loved the last story best. Favorite was the salad pairing. It was a great night. I would love to have the beer cheese recipe ;)We had a lot of fun tonight. - Charolette W.
  • A friend at our table has experienced the mist in (village) a number of times! - Lorrie B.

Walking Ghost Tour

On this 1.5 hour walking tour, the participants are guided around an area and invited to learn it's secret truths and hidden mysteries. We will reveal the macabre histories of sites and buildings that most people living and visiting the area may not know.

All Haunted History Pairing Dinners and Walking Ghost Tours are based on research of the area. All stories are for entertainment purposes only.