Commissioned Events

Looking for something specific to your group, venue, or event?

We can help with that!

Specializing in scriptwriting and presentation of events for exciting & exotic locations, unique & historic venues, non-traditional & immersive schedules, we love a challenge!

We infuse all of our commissioned events with scripts that meet your unique needs:

  • Historical and geographically accurate
    • content
    • timelines
    • accents
    • costumes
    • dialogue
  • Personally requested references

Murder and Mayhem Wedding Caper: Sherlock Holmes and the Incident at Singer Castle on Dark Island

WPBS 60th Anniversary Celebration

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WPBS-DT and The Butler Did it Players present an original Father Brown Mystery “The Mystery of the Church Mouse” at The Iva Smith Gallery in Hammond.

Set during a St. Mary’s Catholic Church Picnic, the mystery begins on the expansive lawn at 6pm while guests meet and mingle with the cast. All your favorite Father Brown characters will be present including Father Brown himself, Mrs. McCarty, Sergeant Goodfellow and Penelope Windemere. Guests are encouraged to attend dressed as village folk from Cotswold village, Kembleford, the setting of the Father Brown TV show. Guests will be treated to wine and cheese beginning at 6pm. 7pm will bring the church picnic buffet including BBQ ribs, chicken, brisket, sides and dessert.

Come enjoy music, dancing, food and company from “the other side of the pond” during the harmonious decade of the 1950’s. World War II is over and the people are enjoying travel via rail car and bicycle. Here in Cotswold, women wear fashionable hats and short gloves when they attend social gatherings, men look dapper in their suspenders and ties. But the youngsters, they are ready to enter a new era with brightly colored swing dresses and their roadster cars. It’s a lovely day to attend the church picnic, to amble the stone paths and linger by the gardens and ponds with a lemonade or iced-tea, but the dark clouds will gather as the constable is summoned; there’s a mystery to be solved and the constabulary needs your help.

Use your own wit and sharp intellect, paired with Father Brown’s love and understanding of other people to ensure justice is served and the right person is held accountable.

Dress in your best 1950’s attire: swing dresses and petticoats or high waisted capris and kitten heels; patterned sport coats and pleated pants; pearls and a wide tie. Move about the grounds in to the beautifully restored 19th century barn featuring artwork, handmade quilts and stained glass windows; all the while gathering clues, interviewing the suspects, and trying to trick people into giving something away. Be sure to take notes because you’ll be given the chance to make a guess about who-done-it, how, and why! Step inside a real life game of CLUE with Father Brown as your guide!