How It Works

The Butler Did It Players produces a new show each season. That show is crafted specifically for the collaborating venue each time it is performed. By sticking to one new show a season we are able to ensure a high quality, professional entertainment experience for our attendees, from the storyline, to the costumes, props, accents, and jokes.

Instead of using a home theater, we collaborate with local venues and caterers who are interested in bringing the interactive theater experience to their area. This allows us to broaden the types of facilities in which we can perform. We have been found in restaurants, ski lodges, social clubs, theaters, and opera houses. We can bring our shows to most anyplace, large or small, where you can sit down and have a drink and a laugh.

In order to ensure that the hilarity, the mystery, and the excitement last the season through, we limit the number of times we will perform as well as the distance between performance venues. This, of course, also means that our bookings are filled early each season. If you are interested in collaborating with The Butler Did It Players, it is paramount that you contact us quickly, or your area or preferred time frame may already be filled.


Want to surprise someone with a Murder at their birthday, anniversary, retirement dinner, or family reunion?


After meeting with you, we will specially formulate a show that includes personalized information about the guest(s) of honor.

They can be involved as heavily as they are comfortable with - or as much as you'd like them to be.

We can arrest them for the crime, or make them the victim!

Visit the Get Started page to email us with your questions.

Contract with alternate payment structure and provisions applies.