Want in on the FUN?

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2019 Events

Photos of past events are available for purchase on our Photos page.

We are bringing back the 1970's just for the Oswego Children's Museum!

Throw on your bellbottoms, grab your platform shoes and your foxy mama, and join us at Twilight 27, the hottest disco in town. It's the jivest place to get down, dig it man?

Frank Walden loves his daughter Kimberly, and maybe he feels a little badly about his recent marriage to Lisa, his much younger trophy wife. So to show there's no hard feelings, he's opened a disco just to honor Kimberly. Well maybe Kimberly AND her new step sister Cynthia. After all, Cynthia has jealousy issues bigger than her hair. What could possibly go wrong when the whole family gathers round on opening night?!?!

Become fully immersed in the show when the door opens at 5pm for cocktails, continue laughing, dancing, hunting for clues, and pointing fingers all the way through a 3 course dinner approved by Frank himself. Enjoy a few authentic period cocktails or get your photo snapped with Lisa the Trophy Wife; Curtis the Shady Business Partner; and Vinny the Stone Cold Fox. Just be careful that you don't end up a suspect! That would be bogus, dudes! At the end of the evening, cast your ballot for the killer, and maybe win a prize of your own.


Murder at the Masquerade

May 4 - Snow Ridge - Turin NY

May 18 - Rome Arts Center - Rome NY

TBA - Sackets Harbor Ballroom

Sept. 14 - Kallet Theater Pulaski

February 14 2020 - Hilton Garden Inn, Watertown

Death at the Disco - November 2nd - Hilton Garden Inn, Watertown

2019 Non-Show Performances

August 3 - Shakespeare By the Shore - Henderson Harbor

Sept 20th - WPBS Event "Father Brown Mysteries"

Sept. 28 & 29 - Royalty and Rogues Festival

December 1 - Polar Express - Kallet Theater

December 7 - It's A Wonderful Life Radio Program

2018 Season - Death at the Disco

  • Mafia Murders - March 3, 2018; 5pm - Oswego Children's Museum Fundraiser . -SOLD OUT
  • Death at the Disco - Tailwater Lodge, Altmar NY - Photos now Available for purchase on our Photos Page
  • Death at the Disco - Snow Ridge, Turin NY - Photos now Available for purchase on our Photos Page
  • Death at the Disco - Clayton Opera House, Clayton NY - Photos now Available for purchase on our Photos Page
  • Death at the Disco - Watertown Elks Lodge - Photos now Available for Purchase on our Photos Page
  • Death at the Disco - Kallet Theater, Pulaski

2018 Non-Show Performances

  • Interactive Movie Showing - Princess Bride
  • Samaritan Foundation Fundraiser June 2018 at Bonnie Castle
  • Interactive Movie Showing "Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail"
  • August 3rd - The . Murder and Mayhem Wedding Caper, in conjunction with WPBS on Dark Island, Singer Castle
  • August 4th - "Shakespeare Abridged" as part of our Shakespeare by the Shore programing at Henderson Harbor.
  • October - Haunted History Wine Pairing Dinner - Snow Ridge
  • October - Haunted History Beer Pairing Dinner - Hilton Garden Inn
  • November - Exclusive Haunted History Dinner - Corning Country Club
  • December - An Evening of Dickens - Jefferson County Historical Society

All of our shows are completely INTERACTIVE

What exactly does that mean?

Each show is mostly improv, meaning, there is no stage and there is no audience! We walk around the entire venue and interact with the attendees as if we were guests at the event as well. We eat, drink, dance, and have conversations with all of the guests, as well as each other, planting clues and establishing motives along the way. During each performance, attendees are pulled from their seats to become one of the actors, if only for a moment .

Maybe we'll give you a black eye!

Perhaps we'll kidnap you!

Fifi may imply that YOU are her ready to defend her honor!

Would you refuse if Da Crusher asked you to guard The Don?

or if The Don asked you to dance?

Interact with us as much or as little as your comfortable with.