THE TEMPLATE FOR A CHRIST LIKE LIFE - In 2 Peter 1 we have the template for a life that we are told we won't fall.

I NEVER KNEW YOU - When you finally meet the Lord will he know you or not?

THE TRINITY - Can the trinity be explained? No, but hopefully understood a little.

WHAT IS MAN - We are made in God's image, what is that image?

THE SOUL - What is the Soul and where is it?

THE BODY - What is this body we have?

THE SPIRIT - What is the Spirit for and who owns it?

THE TWO BOOKS OF GOD - The book in man and the book for man.

A PHYSICAL CHRIST - Does Christ return physically at the rapture or not?

FAMINES - A brief history into famines and their cause.

THE PART THE MIND PLAYS IN YOUR SALVATION - Everyone mentions the Heart and Soul but what about the mind?

THE VICIOUS CIRCLE OF IGNORANCE - You can't pretend you don't know who God is.

IS GOD FAIR? - Is God a fair God, sometimes we may not think so.

CHRISTIANS AND TATTOOS - Does the Bible say anything about Christians having tattoos.

THE FATE OF JUDAS - Did God forgive Judas or did he go to a lost eternity.

HEAVEN - The future, the two eternities.

TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS - Trials and tribulations come in three different ways.

ARE YOU A FUNDAMENTALIST? - if not then why not?.

Ten minute messages, on things that count.

Here are a selection of small messages or studies on important issues facing the Christian today.

A NEW CREATION - What happens when you become a Christian?

BREAKING OF BREAD - t's time we started remembering why we remember.

REVERENCE - Where has all the reverence gone in the Church?

ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED - Probably one of the most debated topics for a Christian.

THE CHURCH AT LAODICEA - A church which really existed and is alive again today.

PROFANITIES AND THE CHRISTIAN'S ATTITUDE - Is it acceptable for Christians to swear?

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS - Do we follow the commandments or not?

TAKING YOUR EYES OFF GOD - What happens if you don't keep your eyes and mind on God?

WE FAIL BECAUSE WE TRY TO HARD - We need to be more like the five loaves and two fish!

UNITY IS THE GREATEST WEAPON - Working together doesn't mean we have to agree on everything.

JESUS ISN'T A SPARE TYRE - Jesus wants to help all the time not just when we think we need Him.

TITHING - A taboo subject but one which many churches preach.

YOUR CALLING- Are you doing what God wants or what you want to do?

DEPRESSION AND CHRISTIANS - Should Christians get depressed? Can they?

WHAT IS FAITH?- Do you know what faith is and what to do with it.

Studies on a specific topics.

A few studies on modern issues Christians fail to take seriously.

A LITERAL VIEW OF THE BIBLE - Why do people have such a problem believing in the Bible?

ALCOHOL - Alcohol isn't the issue it's the love of alcohol and a persons relationship with it.

BAPTISM - The Bible is clear, you must be baptised?

CHURCH ATTENDANCE - We are told to go, why do we fight it so much?

SWEARING CHRISTIANS - What does the bible say about swearing and crude jokes?

VIOLENCE - We are asked to love our enemies not kill them, that doesn't make us weak.

COHABITATION - Should Christians live together before marriage?

CAN A CHRISTIAN BE CURSED - Can Christians be cursed by people wanting to harm them?