The End - Yes we have finally reached the end...

We are certainly living in the last days, the culmination of God's work on earth for His church is coming to a close and the time of tribulation is just around the corner. Never has there been such an awakening and revelation of the end as we see today in the hearts and minds of the followers of Jesus Christ.

As God starts to wrap things up and prepare the church, Satan too is preparing to counter the truth with lies and deception. The believer has to be founded in God's word to be ready to counter the lies.

End Time Teaching

THE RAPTURE - The word Rapture isn't in the Bible but it will still happen.

RAPTURE VERSES - Verses relating to the Rapture and not the 2nd Coming.

THE SECOND COMING - Christ returns to the earth physically to Judge the living nations.

THE 144,000 - Who are the 144,000 mentioned.

SIGNS OF THE END - Do we see any of the signs around today?

TIMES OF THE GENTILES - Day of Grace, time of the Gentiles, we are in it now.

THE JUDGEMENT SEAT OF CHRIST - After the Rapture comes the judgement of all those left.

THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB - What will the Raptured people be doing?

TIME OF TRIBULATION - The Church will be spared the tribulation, not the earth.

ARMAGEDDON - Not a battle to end all battles but a battle Christ will end.

THE NEW JERUSALEM - God prepares a New Jerusalem.

THE DESTRUCTION OF THE EARTH - Will the earth be destroyed in the end?

THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT - The final judgement of God, ALL will stand before Him.

THE BOOK OF LIFE - Is your name in the book of life?

OUR HEAVENLY BODY - What will our heavenly body be like?

THE END, A NEW BEGINNING - It is finished, now begins eternity.

EUROPE'S PART IN THE END TIMES - Europe is the revived Roman Empire as described in scripture.

REVELATION 12 - A verse by verse study of Revelation 12, an overview of Israel's past and future.

YouTube channels on the End Time

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