Below are some links to websites I have used and like, obviously I don't take responsibility for anything on these sites, they are listed because I like them in some way. They aren't listed in any particular order, it was as they came, just so you don't think I'm favouring one site over another.

DESIRING GOD - God centered resources from the ministry of John Piper.

GRACE TO YOU - John MacArthur's website.

ZAC'S PLACE - A Church for Ragamuffins, as it's described, based in Swansea.

EPHESIANS 5:11 - A site warning about the pitfalls of becoming or being a Mason.

ANSWERS IN GENESIS - Believing, defending and proclaiming the book of Genesis, the foundation of truth.

BIBLESPROUT - A site dedicated to educating young Christians with access to the top biblical resources.

CHRISTIAN NEWS THAT MATTERS - News happening all over the world which Christians should know about.

BARRY SMITH - Barry Smith's website, he may be with the Lord but his work carries on.

CENTRE FOR CREATION SCIENCE - The online edition of In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood.

WATCHER WEBSITE - A different watcher website looking at some very interesting stuff.

THE CUTTING EDGE - Spiritual insights into the New World Order.

OMEGA TIMES - An on-line Christian magazine.

REVOLUTION AGAINST EVOLUTION - A site as the name suggests against evolution.

CREATION MINISTRIES INT. - A site dedicated to creation with resources to back up the truth.

WORLD NET DAILY - An on-line magazine from America.

FORMER CATHOLICS FOR CHRIST - A site not against anyone, but made to bring people to know Christ.

NEW SCIENTIST - Keep up to date with new scientific discoveries.

SHALACH MINISTRIES - A Site Is Dedicated To The Salvation Of The Jewish People.

THE ULTIMATE DECEPTION - Discover little known Bible Prophecies springing to life with today's news headlines.

CREATION MUSEUM - A Museum in the US which brings the pages of the Bible to life.

BIBLE GATEWAY - A fantastic site to help you study.

FINDING FAITH IN A GOOD FRIDAY WORLD - A blog browing in content about relevant Christian doctine and thoughts.