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The aim of this site is to make people aware of how important a time we are now living in. It is a time of change and worry, a time when people are feeling 'there must be more to life than this'. And how true they are.

We are living in a time, which was prophesied of in the Bible. It is called the 'End times'. Not because we are nearing the end of the world, but the time when on a supernatural level things start hotting up. Christians believe in the return of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and his gathering of his Church (the believers, the ones called out) who will be snatched from the earth in a 'twinkling of an eye' to meet Him in the air. This is called the Rapture.

Following this the world will see an unprecedented time of upheaval, the rise to power of the Anti-Christ and Armageddon. This time is called the Great Tribulation and is followed immediately by Jesus Christ's return to earth, called the Second Coming.

Following this period of Tribulation which will last for 7 years, according to Bible prophecy will be the Millennial reign of Christ, a thousand years of peace and harmony, and then will come the final judgement, the lake of fire and the end of the world.

It is important to Christians and God that we prepare for these times, but not that we will endure them but we will be saved from them. As a Christian we look forward to the Rapture, when Christ will remove His Church, the true body of Christians around the world, so we do not have to go through the tribulation and the terrible times to come.

Hopefully this site will spur you into finding the truth, reading the Bible in the way it was intended and getting the teaching God intended you to have. Just because you attend a Church don't assume you are alright. You should be listening, reading and questioning all you hear.

We would greatly appreciate your views by email. Please stay and have a look around, tell a friend about this site.

God bless you in your reading and understanding of the scriptures.