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mmigration Law in San Antonio, we can help you correct problems that you have encountered, but we encourage you to consult with our immigration attorneys before legal issues become serious roadblocks. We will help you recognize opportunities, accept risks and your legal rights as an immigrant in the United States. Our lawyers answer each of your questions directly. We Also Specialize in Car Accident law in San Antonio Texas

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The Echavarria Law Firm - South Texas Legal Group San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer

There are many people in the world who want to migrate to the United States of America permanently. Similarly, there are people who want to migrate temporarily for higher studies, tourism, and business. The number of these aspirants is increasing day by day. There are many legal procedures involved in immigration to the United States. It will not be easy for you to handle the immigration processing even if you have all the right credentials. The attorneys for immigration are experts in immigration laws and assist people in seeking various categories of immigration to United States of America. There are a lot of intricacies involved in immigration process and you need services of an expert to succeed in your immigration plans.

The Echavarria Law Firm - South Texas Legal Group Immigration attorney San Antonio TX

Attorneys for immigration can help in getting work permit and green card. Getting work permit and green card is not at all an easy task, but these professionals know how to obtain work permit and green card. This is essential if you want to get a good job and earn decent money. There may be cases wherein people have come to the United States with holiday visa, but want to extend their stay in the country. These experts will know things to be done under such circumstances. They can solve all the problems related to immigration. They handle the entire immigration process on behalf of the client.

Immigration attorneys are highly educated lawyers. They generally spend three to four years in a law school after completion of their bachelor or master degree. A good base for this law course would be a bachelor and master degree in subjects like history, communication, journalism, political sciences, and social sciences. They also need to have good experience in dealing with immigration cases in order to be a top-notch professional in this field. Experience is required for dealing with government officials and court during immigration.

Attorneys are much sought after professionals these days. The experienced professionals with proven track record are like hot cakes. 

The demand for these professionals car Accident lawyer New Braunfels   is likely to increase further in the future, as the number of migrating aspirants keep on increasing. These people will need and seek services of expert attorneys for their individual immigration issues. It also serves as a good option for students who are looking for a promising field for higher studies. They can be assured of lucrative career in this field after completion of their education and training. You will need high level of communication skills, if you want to make a mark as an immigration attorney. See Our Car accident lawyer in San Antonio 

The Echavarria Law Firm - South Texas Legal Group Immigration Attorney San Antonio

Searching for the best immigration attorney is of utter importance if you want success in your immigration application. Only a good immigration attorney will have knowledge of all nuances and finer points of immigration law to achieve best results for your immigration application. All the aspects of immigration application require deft handling and exceptional skill, whether filing papers or preparing for interview. It is important to see that your immigration lawyer specializes in the area for which you are filing your immigration application.

Careful Selection Is The Key

Although, there are attorneys who have expertise in many fields of immigration law, you should select your attorney carefully as the success of your application depends entirely on the handling of your documents and your presentation, as directed by your attorney. Your best immigration attorney should have a better experience than others in the line and should also have a better success rate to show his superiority.

It is also important to see the status and standing of your best immigration attorney before you start doing business with him. In order to judge an attorney it is very important to see where he got formal education from, and from where he passed his bar exam. Taking education from reputed schools makes a lot of difference in developing the mental level of the students. 

The Echavarria Law Firm - South Texas Legal Group Immigration Lawyer San Antonio

Then it is also important to see if your immigration law attorney has joined any well known association of lawyers or is a member, executive member or head of any bar council. Such people are better informed and more acquainted with local administrative and private personalities and can easily work their way out of tricky situations. Your attorney should also be a member of the American Immigration Attorneys Association.

The Echavarria Law Firm - South Texas Legal Group San Antonio Immigration Lawyers

The task of selecting your attorney becomes quite easy if you find that he/she is constantly in the news for his/her achievements, is constantly invited to august gatherings and functions, and is well recognized in the lawyers' fraternity. You can also be sure of the credentials of a lawyer who has been appointed by a newspaper or journal to report on issues of immigration or is running columns on immigration issues and magazines with high circulation.

The Echavarria Law Firm - South Texas Legal Group Personal Injury Lawyer San Antonio Tx

If your immigration attorney is well known in trading circles, maintains a decent office, takes part in forums and discussions, is well recognized in society and also maintains a good track record of past performance then you can select him as your best immigration attorney. But before you hire your attorney you should also make sure he has a deep knowledge and understanding of your case by asking him to clarify all your queries and confusions regarding your immigration application. If you have some knowledge of the immigration law required in your case, it will help you in making the right selection of your best immigration attorney.

The Echavarria Law Firm - South Texas Legal Group San Antonio Immigration Attorneys

Being an immigrant in a foreign country has a few drawbacks and one of those drawbacks is that you have to get through a tiresome, time-consuming and difficult immigration process. The immigration process is not something that an immigrant can ever take lightly. Their life depends on it at times, because they just cannot go back to their home country. Hence, it is best to hire a good and competent immigration attorney who can ensure a good result. Hiring a competent immigration attorney is also crucial because of the fact that the immigration law changes often. Hence, whenever you are hiring an attorney to fight for your case, you must search for a competent one. Here are a few steps to help you through the process.

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The Echavarria Law Firm - South Texas Legal Group Personal Injury Lawyer San Antonio Tx

First of all, you must carefully analyze all the details of your own case. You must be familiar with the in-depth details as well as the requirements. Understanding your case will help you to figure out your needs according to your case and helps you to know what functions your attorney has to perform for you. For this purpose, you can search the internet and the government website and its immigration pages. It will also help you in understanding which particular branch of immigration law your case belongs to. Since immigration law itself has many branches such as employment visas, family immigration and citizenship, it is important to understand the category of law that your case belongs to. The immigration attorney focuses on just one branch in most of the cases. Therefore, you will be able to hire a more competent attorney, if you know which facet of immigration law your attorney must be experienced in. Hire an attorney who specializes in dealing with your concerned branch of immigration law and has many years worth of experience.

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If you are an immigrant you might have acquaintances who have been through the same process. A few people in your social circle might have had an experience of dealing with an immigration attorney. Ask such individuals to give you a few recommendations regarding the most competent immigration attorney in the local region. This source of referrals can turn out to be very informative. Another source of referral regarding a competent immigration attorney is the internet. You must visit various blogs, forums or message boards. People usually post their experiences and hence you can pick up a few valuable names and tips from their experience. A few websites on the internet also provide a service of locating an immigration attorney in your region.

The internet is amazing when you need details and experience regarding an immigration attorney that you think might be a competent one. On the internet you can find lots of information like qualification, experience, background and the field of immigration law he or she specializes in. Some websites might also give information regarding the fee they charge.

The Echavarria Law Firm - South Texas Legal Group Immigration Attorney San Antonio

From all these sources listed above, you must draw up a list of the attorneys that you think might be valuable ones. From this list you must then schedule a consultation with each of the immigration attorney. An attorney can agree to have a consultation by email or phone, but not necessarily in person. When you are scheduling consultations, remember that you do not have to restrict yourself to local attorneys. However, in some cases you might have to hire a local immigration attorney.

The Echavarria Law Firm - South Texas Legal Group Immigration Lawyers In San Antonio Texas

If you wish to migrate to another country you will have to hire an immigration attorney of that country, who has complete knowledge of the immigration law prevailing in that country. An attorney is a person who has knowledge of law. They are also known as lawyers. Immigration laws change frequently. Immigration attorneys have to keep themselves abreast with the latest changes in their field of practice. Immigration is connected with a lot of issues like passports, dual passports, citizenships, dual citizenships and others. Then there are different areas through which migration is possible. Migration for individuals, migration due to blood relation, and migration due to business are all possible with the help of a legal immigration attorney.

The Echavarria Law Firm - South Texas Legal Group Immigration Lawyer San Antonio Tx

Do Your Home Work Without Complacency

If you are planning to immigrate to the US, you will require the best immigration attorney specializing in the field of immigration, to see you through the complex processes of filing application, giving documentary evidence of whatever you say and passing the interview taken by the visa officer. There are so many legislations and restrictions that only an expert in this field can see through every loop hole of law. Your immigration attorney will also assist you in post visa settlement by making you understand the rights and duties of new immigrants and by making you aware of the prevailing laws which you have to follow.

Your immigration attorney helps you in many ways to make your entry into United States as comfortable as possible. Your immigration law attorney helps you with all kinds of legal issues like visa fee waivers in certain categories of applicants, filing application for refugee status or applications seeking asylum in US, reapplication with new documents and petitions in certain cases of rejection, deportation due to violation of visa conditions, taking part in immigration court proceedings, granting of religious visas. He also makes you aware of the latest laws pertaining to immigration and naturalization.

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Now the issue arises as to where you are going to find a suitable immigration attorney to help you pass the test of becoming an American resident. The best method to find a good lawyer is by word of mouth, like in any field. But if you do not find one by this way then the next best option for you is to search for a suitable immigration lawyer on the net. You will find many law firms and individual lawyers offering you immigration services on the net. Just be sure to check the credentials of the lawyer before you decide to hire him to make sure that your application is successful.

The Echavarria Law Firm - South Texas Legal Group Immigration Lawyer San Antonio

US Immigration law is a highly specialized area that has many subspecialties integrated in it. Hence, it is very complex and constantly changing, which in turn demands the expertise of an immigration attorney to appropriately relay information to a lay person. And because immigration laws can be very complicated, even a seemingly simple case can suddenly turn into a nightmare. Hence, an immigration lawyer could make a big difference in one's immigration case; between obtaining a green card and being forced to leave the American soil.

To simply put it, an immigration lawyer deals with foreign nationals who have the intent to enter temporarily or permanently on US grounds. This specialist attorney assists people in properly understanding their legal rights, duties and obligations to the United States. They deal with people who wish to immigrate in the said host country whether alone or together with their families, assist businesses in moving internationally, help students and workers obtain their visas, aid in the application process and procedures in neutralizing foreigners who have the intent to become US citizens, political asylum applications as well as attend to the legal woes of refugees and illegal immigrants. An immigration attorney is highly skilled in navigating the complicated bureaucracy relative to immigration.

If you are a would-be immigrant, it would be more preferable to see an immigration lawyer first before you proceed with your plans to appropriately discuss your move or trip to make it more efficient and pleasant for you, or if you have come across some issues with your stay in the country, the more it becomes important to employ the services of an immigration attorney to help explain your case to immigration authorities. Say for instance you are in Los Angeles; a good and experienced immigration attorney in Los Angeles will effectively guide you through the entirety of the process and would provide you sound advices on how you could surpass impending hurdles. This is because an immigration attorney is updated about the relevant procedural knowledge that applies to your case. Nevertheless, he or she could also handle these issues properly and provide you concise explanations about what you need to do.

Of course, finding a good lawyer, whether an immigration attorney in Los Angeles or some place else, requires a fair amount of work on your part. With the high stakes involved in immigration cases, you have to make sure that you hire the best person to help you with your case. Whatever you do, don't just rely on your telephone book or newspaper and immediately settle for the immigration lawyer that has the biggest and most colorful advertisement on the page. Sometimes even bar association referral panels may not actually help you at all because they often assume that all of their immigration lawyers are qualified for your case, and chances are, they might refer you to an attorney without any pre-screening.

The most ideal thing to do is to ask a trusted person for a recommendation or referral. Perhaps you know somebody who had successfully undergone an immigration process and has employed the services of an immigration attorney in Los Angeles, and this person could recommend his or her lawyer to you, or ask that lawyer to refer you to another attorney. You could also locate local non-profit organizations within your area that are helping immigrants and ask for their referrals. Since these organizations are in place to serve others and are handled by people who are willing to help, they would charge very little and they could point you to the right people.

If you would be using the internet to look for an immigration lawyer, you may want to try participating in forums for other people to provide you some feedback concerning this issue, or you could directly contact the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AFLA) since they offer attorney referral services. Their membership is only limited to lawyers who were able to pass intensive screening process, assuring future clients that there are no sleazy practitioners in their circle. Once you are able to have a list of lawyers whom you've heard provide good legal services, as much as possible meet and talk to each one of them to properly assess their qualification and make comparisons. From there, choose the one that you're comfortable working with since you would be sharing some confidential issues with him or her and whom you could easily reach during the months that your application is making its way through the citizenship and immigration services or consular bureaucracy.

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The Echavarria Law Firm - South Texas Legal Group Immigration attorney San Antonio TX

Attorneys can help the aspirants in each and every step of the process. They can help people to become citizens of United States of America. They also help foreigners with the process of naturalization. They are essential for many issues like legal rights, and obligations for foreigners. You need services of these lawyers for various visas. They will help you with different petitions. They will assist you in religious visas, obtaining visa waivers, and during court proceedings for immigration. Refugees need expertise of these lawyers, and also do asylum seekers. They help people who have entered the country under different situations. They are involved in all the legal matters related to immigration.

San Antonio is a major city in south-central Texas with a rich colonial heritage. The Alamo, an 18th-century Spanish mission preserved as a museum, marks an infamous 1836 battle for Texan independence from Mexico. Following the San Antonio River, the miles-long River Walk is a landmark pedestrian promenade lined with cafes and shops. HemisFair Park’s 750-ft. Tower of the Americas overlooks the city. 


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Venture just north of downtown to stroll the tree-lined streets and quaint cottage districts of Alamo Heights. Located along the main stretch of Broadway, Alamo Heights boasts colorful boutiques, upscale eateries and family-friendly attractions including exquisite art museums like the McNay Art Museum. Adjacent to the Broadway Cultural Corridor, the neighborhood is centrally located, easily accessible and bursting with entertainment for visitors of all ages. A close-knit community, residents welcome visitors to experience life as a local in the Heights. Come see what’s new.


In the past, the headwaters of the San Antonio River that attracted early nomadic Texas Indians also beckoned early settlers. One of these early settlers was George Brackenridge. He built a mansion in the area and named his new neighborhood Alamo Heights. Today, that neighborhood is a city surrounded by San Antonio and filled with locally-owned restaurants, boutiques, museums and parks. All just a few miles north of downtown.


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In San Antonio, our roots run deep. Deep in the heart of downtown. And while the River Walk is our most popular attraction, there’s so much more to explore. Alamo Plaza houses one of the city’s five Spanish colonial missions, the Alamo, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On Main Plaza, the San Fernando Cathedral houses the oldest, continuously functioning religious community since 1731. Museums, theatres and art schools liven the scene with art collections, musical and theater performances and classes for the students at heart. And markets fill the streets with local shops, eateries and public artwork to enjoy. Come eat, drink, shop and explore what’s new in downtown.


San Antonio’s story begins with Spanish explorers. In 1691, they named the city in honor of Saint Anthony of Padua because they reached this new land on his feast day, June 13. In 1718, Franciscan priests and a military captain founded Mission San Antonio de Valero – the Alamo – to serve as a midpoint between the missions in northern Mexico and east Texas. At the same time, a presidio was established to protect them. Today, you can visit the Alamo – one of the city’s five missions collectively designated as the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in Texas – and explore the Spanish Governor’s Palace, a landmark that once provided housing for the captain of the presidio and served as headquarters for the soldiers stationed there.

Downtown is a bustling business and leisure district, with eclectic bistros and bars lining the popular San Antonio River Walk. Tours of the Alamo, an 18th-century Spanish mission, recount the site’s role in an 1836 battle for Texas independence. The ornate, Mediterranean-style Majestic Theatre stages concerts and Broadway shows, and the San Antonio Museum of Art has an international collection spanning centuries.