Supporting Global Student Experiences

In 2012, I accompanied grade nines to the Traidhos School in Chang Mai Thailand. I was the first to try the bugs!
Me in 2016, standing at a look out in Cusco, Peru before heading into the Amazon basin with my students.
Welcome! My name is Alysha. I teach secondary social sciences at an independent school in the GTA. A significant part of my role at my school is working in student international experiences. This has been the most formative aspects of my professional life, exploring the world with students and other teachers.
In this website, I wanted to highlight the possibilities for local Canadian teachers to put themselves into an international context while teaching at home.
My mission for creating this website was to create an e-portfolio of my professional experience working with students in international education, but in a format that could be used by other educators as a resource for furthering global experiences for students at their schools.
My goal is that this website becomes an archive of my own professional work as a portfolio and a resource for other educators.
Global destinations where I have lead student experiences.

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Teacher professional development in Peru. Image courtesy of World Leadership School, 2017

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My group in 2013 visiting the UNESCO site of Ayutthaya in Thailand

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Teaching in Mongolia alongside my students.