Nutrition Education

Poor nutrition is a major factor in hunger, food-insecurity, and food-desert areas.

Nutrition education is thus a critical component of the Sustainable Hunger Initiative. Through the Greenville Community Garden, FAN Program, and active education outreach, we help deconstruct the socioeconomic, geographic, and mental barriers between low-income families and healthy-food access, produce healthier, better-informed communities, and influence positive, lasting changes in dietary behaviors and attitudes.

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Greenville Community Garden

The Garden serves as a medium for not only fresh-produce distribution but nutrition-education. It holds on-site nutrition education programs and service-opportunities through its bi-monthly garden workdays, which attract volunteers from diverse ages and interests. At workdays, 10,000+ volunteers have engaged in the gardening process themselves and learn about the nutritional value & health benefits of fresh-produce, about their direct impact in alleviating food-insecurity, and about how they can apply kitchen-skills at home to enjoy fresh-produce.

Through experiential learning, innovative informational PAD signage, youth involvement, and community service, the Garden Project equips youth with the knowledge, desire, and ability to lead healthy dietary habits and take action against hunger and food-deserts.

Fitness and Nutrition Program

The Sustainable Hunger Initiative also comprises the Fitness and Nutrition (FAN) Program led by Love A Sea Turtle (LAST).

The program overarches LAST student-led projects that focus on providing fitness and nutrition education, including its yearly summer camp.

The summer-camp has engaged 7,500+ underserved youth facing health issues such as diabetes and obesity in innovative activities demonstrating the importance and joy in physical activity and nutritious foods.

In addition, the FAN Program overarches efforts to provide bikes to underserved youth to promote physical activity. Through Holidays of Hope, the Initiative has supplied 70+ bikes to youth.

Through its hands-on learning experiences and youth involvement, the FAN Program has equipped countless youth with the knowledge, experiences, and desire to lead healthy lifestyles in the future and thus helps prevent the health-issues affecting countless low-income families.

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Community Outreach

In order to produce healthier, better-informed communities while advocating sustainable solutions, the Sustainable Hunger Initiative recognizes the importance of increasing community-involvement and awareness.

At sustainability-film showings, city-council meetings, and other community gatherings, we lead presentations and education outreach about food-desert areas and hunger, nutrition education, the importance of sustainability, and other issues related to community service and environmental conservation.

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