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Founded in 2017, the Sustainable Hunger Initiative is a community- and collaboration- driven program addressing the intersectionality of residential segregation, poverty, and related environmental and health disparities through education, community outreach, and providing access to healthy foods for families.

Awards & Recognition

For its far-reaching success in tackling food-deserts, the Sustainable Hunger Initiative has inspired countless individuals and earned recognition by various organizations, including Points of Light

(2020) Our mothering non-profit organization Love A Sea Turtle (LAST) wins grant funds from a local community organization to continue equipping families in food-desert areas with the knowledge, ability, and desire to lead healthy lifestyles.

cabbage grown at Greenville Community Garden (photo courtesy of Abigail Yoon)

What is Food Insecurity?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines food security as having "access by all people at all times to enough food for a healthy, active life." According to the USDA, over 50.1 million individuals in 2011 were food-insecure.

Food Deserts?

Despite the growing abundance of food, the number of food-insecure households continues to rise, as well as the prevalence of food deserts: areas lacking access to healthy, nutritious foods.

prevalence of food-deserts in America (source: USDA)

Nutrition Education

Dietary habits and nutrition play a critical role in preventing food insecurity, hunger, and the health effects associated with the issues.

Recognizing this, we lead nutrition education through our Greenville Community Garden Project and Fitness and Nutrition (FAN) Program.

Increasing Access to Healthy, Nutritious Foods

With families in increasing need of diverse, nutritious food to sustain their health, we lead a year-round, continuous effort in providing free, healthy food supplies to families. Our hope is to deconstruct the socioeconomic, geographic, and mental barriers between low-income families and access to healthy food.


Community Involvement and Outreach

Much of our impact is a result of our community's support and efforts. We recognize that involving more community members in our cause inspires more needed action and increases awareness on food insecurity and hunger.

The Sustainable Hunger Initiative is a by-product of our mothering non-profit organization Love A Sea Turtle.

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