The Sustainable Hunger Initiative

Nutrition Education

Nutrition Education is critical in preventing poor nutrition: a commonality within food-desert areas and a major factor in hunger and various health-issues.

Through the Greenville Community Garden, Fitness and Nutrition Program, and active education outreach, we have and continue to help deconstruct the socioeconomic, geographic, and mental barriers between low-income families and healthy-food access.

Over 17,500 youth have engaged in innovative nutrition-education programs and experiential learning, as well as impactful fitness education. Our efforts help produce healthier, better-informed communities and influence positive, lasting changes in dietary behaviors and attitudes.

Community Involvement

In order to increase awareness and galvanize change against food-insecurity, the Sustainable Hunger Initiative recognizes the value of youth-involvement and community-partnerships.

Through this strong emphasis, the Sustainable Hunger Initiative has helped produce healthier, better-informed communities, advance sustainable solutions, and inspire countless individuals to take action against not only hunger but other relevant issues facing communities and the environment.

As we expand our impact through broader involvement and 20 partnerships, our Garden serves as a replicable model to follow in its use of sustainable farming methods and far-reaching impact.

Healthy-Foods Access

To tackle hunger, poverty, and poor-nutrition, we provide access to healthy, nutritious foods and promote an accessible Community Garden.

With countless low-income families impeded from healthy-food access, the Sustainable Hunger Initiative has provided 30,000+ pounds of healthy, diverse food-supplies to community-groups serving 400+ families residing in food-deserts.

Through its sustainable agricultural methods and far-reaching impact, the Greenville Community Garden has directly inspired...

University-Orchard Project for ECU

East Carolina University Honors Students and Regular Community-Garden Volunteers

Public Garden Project at Thomas Foreman Park

Love A Sea Turtle (LAST) Student Leaders

Revitalization of Community Garden near South Greenville Gym

Love A Sea Turtle (LAST) Student, Drake Adee

Local Community Orchard Project

Love A Sea Turtle (LAST) Student, Gauri Patel

Pollinator Garden

Love A Sea Turtle (LAST) Students, Jackie Liu and Matthew McCauley

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