Healthy-Foods Access

The rising prevalence of food-desert areas and food-insecurity are a result of families lacking access to healthy, nutritious foods.

Holidays of Hope

Holidays of Hope is the annual, culminating event and food-drive of the Sustainable Hunger Initiative.

It also serves as a reflective, celebratory event and fundraiser for Love A Sea Turtle (LAST) and for the collaborative efforts of several partnerships in service.

LAST families, partners, supporters, and friends attend the annual event and donate food supplies and necessities. In addition, local businesses and stores are compelled to contribute to the cause and provide food-supplies to donate to families in need. Food-drives are directed across local high schools clubs and honor-societies seeking to contribute to Holidays of Hope's food-distribution impact.

Holidays of Hope has contributed a total of 27,000+ pounds of free, diverse food supplies to community-groups serving 400+ families residing in food-deserts.

Greenville Community Garden

Adopted by the non-profit organization Love A Sea Turtle (LAST) in 2017, the Greenville Community Garden has served as an essential component of the Sustainable Hunger Initiative as a medium for fresh-produce distribution and nutrition education.

Youth volunteers throughout the community engage in experiential service-learning, nutrition education, and the gardening process on workday-events - serving as a critical role in growing and harvesting fresh-produce for low-income families, in producing healthier communities, and in inspiring more action against food-insecurity.

Thanks to the support of over 10,000 volunteers from our community, our Garden has donated 3,000+ pounds of fresh produce to families residing in food-desert areas. By ensuring access to healthy, nutritious foods and promoting a readily-accessible Community Garden, we help deconstruct the socioeconomic, mental, and geographic barriers between underserved families and healthy-food access.

Weekly Pick-Ups

The year-round consistency of food donations is also ensured by weekly pick-ups of excess perishable food from the local SHEETZ store and the monthly distribution of surplus dry-snack items from a local snack retailer.

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