Encounters with locals

Stone Clearing is a secretive endeavour, and it is vitally important that no one knows about Richard's work. When he meets other people, such as dog walkers or suspected night hawks, he must deflect attention with a cheery "Hi, how are you doing?"

Chapter Zero:

  • One dog walker in distance. No verbal contact

Chapter One:

  • One oblivious walker, two Labradors. Richard said "Hello, you are you doing?"

  • One dog walker spotted from a distance

  • Another successfully avoided by employing the "tie your shoelace" technique.

Chapter Two:

  • One walker, crossing the field. No verbal contact

  • One walker in distance

  • One approaching from secret corner

  • One cyclist, unaware of his role in history

Chapter Three:

  • None

Chapter Four:

  • Lady with dog. "How you doing?" Polite conversation about putting things on mounds and plastic on the field.

  • A dog walker with a Dulux dog, who raced around the field at a speed which Richard thought was excessive

Chapter Five:

  • A lady who seemed to be avoiding contact with other dogs, possibly because their dog was ill.

  • A man seen from a distance, moving quickly.

  • A man walking three labradors, including his neighbour's dog Fred, who suffers from dementia: He received a cheery "Hi there. How you doing?"

Chapter Six:

  • None

Chapter Seven:

  • A dog walker spotted from a distance. NVC

  • Another dog walker in a different field. NVC

  • A walker with an anxious and distressed dog (wearing special tabard), who took against Wolfie. Richard apologised and said "Happy New year!"

Chapter Eight:

  • Many dog walkers seen from a distance, or avoided by stealth.

  • A burly, rotund yokel with two dogs (black and brown) which barked at Wolfie. Rich said "Morning", but the man just stood aside and smiled, staring at Richard as he walked away for what seemed like minutes.

  • A lady walker. "Morning!"

  • Two walkers almost colliding

  • A lady without a dog, which roused suspicion in Richard's mind.

  • A red-hatted old lady.

Chapter Nine:

  • First walker. "Hi there"

  • A mysterious lady with no dog. Richard hypothesised that she may be a stone clearer herself.

  • A dog with a muzzle that attacked Wolfie!

  • A person crossing a field. NVC

  • A random dog walker NVC

  • Carla, the local professional dog walker. Polite chuckle from Richard. One dog, Stanley, attacked Wolfie

  • The same walker from earlier with the muzzled hound. This time the dog was more sociable.

  • A final walker. NVC

Chapter Ten:

  • Stand-off with a labrador. "Hi there"

  • A man in a cap and lady in red gloves. The same dog in muzzle. "Hallo! How you doing?" Discussion of a dog with cataracts and Wolfie's potential as a guard-dog.

  • A dog in the distance on a non-intersecting vector. Man possibly observing. Possibly a member of an anti-stone-clearing religious cult.

Chapter Eleven:

  • A man behind a wall, moving some holly, looking a bit aggrieved.

  • A walker heading in the other direction. NVC

  • A walker, too far away to hear Richard talking, but in full sight.

Chapter Twelve:

  • A lady with two Labradors, emerging suddenly from the fog. "Hi there"

  • A man right at the end of the walk, presumably near to Richard's house. "How you doing?"

Chapter Thirteen:

  • A woman with three dogs who said "good girl" to Wolfie. Richard said "Hello there", even though she may have been part of the Stone Stasi

  • Richard was "in view of lots of people"

  • A grey-haired lady with a black-and-white dog

Chapter Fourteen:

  • A walker from a distance

  • A man (possibly Michael) who had around 10 dogs with him. He spotted Richard and disappeared, thus adding fuel to the fire of Richard's paranoia

Chapter Fifteen:

  • Unknown due to inaudible podcast

Chapter Sixteen:

  • A walker from a distance. NVC

Chapter Seventeen:

  • A bald man / blonde woman with two dogs. "Hi, how you doing?"

  • A person with a red coat who disappeared (and then appeared again). Spooky!

Chapter Eighteen:

  • A dog walker gets a friendly wave and a "Hi", to give the mistaken impression that Richard is a nice guy.

  • A group of 4 walkers seen from a distance. NVC

  • Michael and friend (wife?) who told Richard that residents of Sardinia have the longest life span in the world, because they drink alcohol every day. Which is not true.

Chapter Nineteen:

  • Someone on a horse

  • A suspicious man walking back and forth with no dog

  • Two children on bicycles, just like in the 80s. They might even have had an ET in their basket.

  • A man in his garden, looking straight at Richard. Terrifying. Richard may well have been caught red-and-hermione-handed.

Chapter Twenty:

  • A nice lady with Dulux dogs. The woman fancied Richard. "Hallo there, you alright?"

  • A sneaky dog-walker man, coming from behind like a bastard. "Hi there"

Chapter Twenty One:

  • A man with many labradors

  • A woman who was the recipient of one of Richard's Friendly Waves™

Chapter Twenty Two:

  • A bald bespectacled man with a dog called Wes. He received a "Hi there. How you doing?"

  • The same man later jocularly remarked that he didn't know who was getting the most exercise: Wolfie or Richard. It was genuinely hilarious.

Chapter Twenty Three:

  • A woman with two labs, pretending to check her phone (but secretly reporting back to her shadowy paymasters about Richard's movements)

  • A dog walker with either a child or a very small woman.

  • Some children playing on the rec, playing basketball. Richard was rude about one small child's b-ball skillz. The child's mother heard him.

  • A Couple From Another Village who ignored Richard's cheery "Hi there", as they were too focused on their basic lust for one another.

  • A friendly Scottish lady who suddenly appeared while Richard was talking to himself. Much chuckling.

Chapter Twenty Four:

  • A pleasant couple with a small spaniel. "Hi there, how you doing?"

  • A dog walker who witnessed the stone pole game.

Chapter Twenty Five:

  • A lady with 3 dogs, including a dachshund. Richard gave a muted "Hi".

  • A walker in the distance, crossing the Forbidden Field.

  • An old lady (actually the same age as Richard) with a dog called Ernie. Richard negotiated with her to choose different directions across the field. Unfortunately she acted as a distraction so that...

  • A second old lady creeped up on Richard from behind, causing him to drop his stones and creating injury as Wolfie pulled on the lead. Her mission fulfilled, she escaped to rejoin the other old lady and do a high-five, probably.

  • A builder making a conservatory.

Chapter Twenty Six:

  • A lady dog walker in a red coat. If she was a member of the stone stasi, it was a bold move to adopt such an eye-catching garb. Richard said "Hi!"

  • A gruff, mustachioed, middle-aged man with multiple labradors and a whistle. Richard greeted him with a "Good Morning", but the man immediately knew that he was an enemy, despite a lack of evidence. A close call. One glimpse of a stone in Richard's hand and he would probably have blown his whistle and called the authorities.

  • A mildly surprised lady with a doe-eyed spaniel. "Hi there, you alright?"

Chapter Twenty Seven:

  • An extremely posh old lady with a dog called Orlando, forcing Richard to divert from his central cairn.

  • A white-haired old gentleman, seen in the distance, possibly looking for love among the crops.

  • A very fit looking lady, seen from a distance.

  • Justin Construction, a boiler-fitter with a made-up name, talking loudly on the phone. Richard was unaware that Justin had recently emailed in.

Chapter Twenty Eight:

  • Right at the start, Wolfie barks and then is friendly towards someone outside Richard's home.

  • Richard identified an old man with a cap and scarf approaching. Then, just was Richard is questioning why one would wear a scarf on a June day, the person shape-shifted into a woman with a dog. This woman proved to be a right pain in the arse for the remainder of the podcast.

Fummertime Fpecial:

  • No encounters, which was a shame because it would have been nice to hear the local accent. Richard did spot the Devon branch of the Stone Stasi Youth: a few six-year-olds who were wearing red hats.

Chapter Twenty Nine:

  • Richard sees someone on a horse and moves swiftly to avoid them.

Chapter Thirty:

  • A lady who looks like Judy Murray

  • A young lady - "Hi there"

  • A Neighbour - "Hi there"

  • Another neighbour with his son sitting on his shoulders. Richard said "Hello! You're nice and high up there!" The son was 28 years old.

Chapter Thirty One:

  • A beautiful woman in a crop-top, looking like both Lara Croft and Annabelle Croft. She was clearly a wheat siren, sent to tempt Richard away from his noble calling. Richard deftly escaped the trap.

Chapter Thirty Two:

  • An old lady in pink trousers, spotted in the distance.

  • Some middle-aged cyclists, passing by, talking about running.

Chapter Thirty Four:

  • Busy firemen, fretful neighbours, a jolly postman; this chapter had it all. Richard chatted with villagers about the burnt fields and damaged decking, then relayed the whole story to his postman as a police car rushed past. It was like an episode of Emmerdale, without the hilarious pantomime interventions of the Dingles.

Chapter Thirty Five:

  • Man with his son and two dogs. Richard recounted the tale of the Great Fire of Richard Herring's Stone Field.

  • A woman with red trousers and two dogs who look a bit like dalmatians.

  • Another man in a hat with a stupid dog. "Hi there, you alright? Good good", Richard cheerily says, while cursing that he was forced to drop some beautiful stones. He later returned and sneakily retrieved them.

Chapter Thirty Six:

  • A woman whom Richard had never seen before. Easily out-manoeuvred.

  • A woman with a little dog who greets Richard, then encounters him again at the end of the walk, prompting him to say "Hello again!" and thereby inventing the world's funniest joke.

  • A man, in the distance, obviously chuckling to himself about the joke.

  • A lady. "Morning!" She was not laughing, so we can only assume she either had not heard the joke, or was too stupid to understand it.

Chapter Thirty Eight:

  • A woman with red trousers who said "too exciting!". Sadly, she is talking about her dog's interaction with Wolfie.

  • A man in the distance, who caused Richard to drop three stones, before turning and walking away.

Chapter Thirty Nine:

No one encountered!

(Except a distant red-coated woman, but I'm not counting that)

Chapter Forty:

  • Labrador Guy

  • The lady in red (possibly the one that Chris De Burgh sang about, but also possibly the one from the previous chapter). She also revealed her colours as a Leaveophile, as she tried to prevent Richard from throwing stones on the Brexit ditch. She was unsuccessful, and Brexit continued to be stopped. She got a "morning" as a consolation prize.

Chapter Forty One:

  • Richard had barely spoken 20 words before he was interrupted by a lady in pajama bottoms. Richard said "good girl", thought it's unclear if he was talking to Wolfie.

  • Another lady got a "hi there", and she commented "she's big isn't she?" Again, this hopefully refers to the dog, but we can't be sure.

  • A dog walker used his dog to distract Wolfie and enable him to get close enough to briefly interrupt the stone clearing process.

  • Another dog walker looked straight at Richard as he brazenly picked up a stone. Zero fucks given.

  • Another dog walker gets a "good morning", halting progress yet again.

Chapter Forty Four:

  • One dog walker gets a cheery "Hi, OK. Cool" from Richard. I'm not sure what Richard was referring to . Maybe the walker had a cool hat or something.

Chapter Forty Six:

  • A red-bobble-hatted woman almost catches Richard in the act of clearing. "Hello, you all right?"

  • After this he gets sloppy and starts picking up stones in full view of a distant dog-walker.

  • Richard meets a woman with a blind dog.

Chapter Forty Seven:

  • There is the sound of a grunt from a bush, but we are not able to tell if it was a human or animal.

  • Richard encounters a woman who says "ooh look! There's a doggie! Hello Dog!" She sounds like she is speaking to a young child, but she might just be talking to herself. Richard says "Hi there" and moves on quickly.

  • A dog walker in the distance blew a whistle, possibly to summon their dog or maybe to raise the alarm.

Chapter Forty Eight:

  • The podcast starts immediately with a group of people walking past on a Boxing Day walk. "Morning! Hello, Hi, good thanks, hello"

  • Richard meets a man with a greyhound which gets Wolfie over-excited.