Statistics for the real world: a gentle introduction

Mike Crowson, Ph.D.

The University of Oklahoma

This site is designed to serve as an Open Textbook for those who are learning statistics. It is is organized in a fashion not unlike traditional statistics textbooks - moving from coverage of basic concepts and procedures to those that are a bit more advanced (such as multiple regression). Although this site is not intended to be exhaustive of all statistical concepts and procedures that you might find in an introductory course, it is developed with the intention of providing students with a resource that will aid in the development of their statistics knowledge and procedural skills. The Table of Contents has links to different pages containing resource material in the form of videos, Powerpoint presentations (when available), datasets, and calculators. Most of the demonstrations in this "text" involve the use of SPSS, which is one of the most common software packages utilized by students and researchers. Even so, I do provide some demonstrations using other programs (including Stata) in the main body of the text. The very last section contains a Powerpoint manual and videos related to using the R program. Please note that I consider this website a "work in progress", as I'm never really 100% satisfied with what I've done. Indeed, there's always something to add or modify. So, be sure to check back from time to time for updates or additions! I hope you find this "textbook" valuable in your learning!

You can also access my multivariate site here: Multivariate Statistics for the Real World

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