Our History

A Brief History of St. Peter’s Church

The Church of St. Peter was founded in 1958 when there was little development in South Oshawa. Our first church building was a second-hand wooden school portable. The current building was designed by Mr. H. Cole, constructed by Mel-Ron Construction Co. and completed in 1962. The Baptismal Font and Altar are from the first Anglican Church in Oshawa, St. George’s Church (King Street & Park Avenue) built in 1848. The Font and Altar were moved to the Second St. George’s (now Memorial Park) in 1858. Our Pulpit and Reredos (ornamental wall behind the Altar) also originate with the second St. George’s church. When the third St. George’s church opened in 1924 (Centre & Bagot Streets) all these items were given to the Church of the Holy Trinity (Court Street). When Holy Trinity was closed in 1964, these sacred objects found a loving home at St. Peter’s. When our mortgage was paid off in the 1980’s the Church was consecrated to the glory of God under the patronage of St. Peter by the Archbishop of Toronto, Lewis Garnsworthy.


  • 1950’s A four-acre parcel of land is purchased by the Synod at Cedar and Thomas Streets.
  • June 1958 A portable building is erected and Captain Ernest C. Bertram of the Church Army holds the first services for the Anglican congregation of South Oshawa.
  • March 1959 Bishop Wilkinson appoints Rev. William Linley as the incumbent. The Church is named St. Peter’s later that year.
  • January 1961 Mr. H. Cole is chosen as the architect for a permanent building.
  • May 1961 Mel-Ron Construction’s tender for construction is approved.
  • October 15, 1961 The Venerable H.D. Cleverdon, Archdeacon of Toronto lays the cornerstone of the Church of St. Peter.
  • March 1962 Bishop Wilkinson dedicates the church.
  • January 1964 Merger discussions with Holy Trinity Church begin.
  • Easter 1964 Holy Trinity Church holds its final service.
  • November 1964 Church furnishings from Holy Trinity are re-dedicated at St. Peter’s.
  • 1966 Easterly two acres of property at Thomas and Cedar Streets and the rectory on Sharbot Street are sold.
  • 1968 Saint Peter’s and Southminster United Church begin discussions on sharing facilities and services.
  • 1968 Saint Peter’s and Southminster United Church enter a one-year agreement to share St. Peter’s building.
  • 1970 A committee is set up to work with Southminster to discuss sharing of the property.
  • 1975 Saint Peter’s and Southminster United Church terminate arrangement for sharing St. Peter’s facilities.
  • 1975 Vestry decision to build a new rectory.
  • 1975 Southminster United Church moves to their own building on the north side of the property.
  • 1976 Half of the northerly portion of the property is sold to Southminster United Church. St. Peter’s retains the right of first refusal on any future sale.
  • 1993 Southminster United Church disbands. The property is returned to Synod in trust for St. Peter’s.
  • October 2000 Durham Police enters into agreement with Synod to lease the property formerly held by Southminster United Church. A Community Policing Station is planned.
  • October 2001 The Community Policing Station is opened.
  • October 2002 St. Peter's Food Bank is opened.
  • April 2017 A Mission Agreement links the Anglican Parishes of St Peter’s, Oshawa and St Matthew’s, Oshawa.
  • July 2018 Mission Agreement between St Peter's, Oshawa and St Matthew's, Oshawa is dissolved.

List of Incumbents

June 1958 to March 1959: Captain Ernest C. Bertram (Church Army)

April 1959 to June 1962: Rev. Wm. C. Linley (Incumbent)

September 1962 to April 1963: Rev. Douglas G. Jackson (Incumbent)

May 1963 to April 1964: Rev. Leonard M. Ware (Priest in Charge)

May 1963 to April 1964: Rev. Wm. D. Hewton (Deacon)

May 1964 to February 1966: Rev. Leonard D. Ware (Incumbent)

May 1966 to September 1966: Canon Fred Ongley (Priest in Charge)

May 1966 to December 1966: Rev. Thomas E. Shepherd (Deacon)

September 1966 to May 1967: Rev. R. G. Brooks (Incumbent)

June 1967 to December 1969: Rev. Geoffrey Rennison (Incumbent)

January 1970 to December 1970: Rev. Geoffrey Rennison (Priest in Charge)

February 1971 to June 1973: Rev. A. Robertson (Incumbent)

August 1973 to January 1977: Rev. Gordon D. King (Incumbent)

February 1977 to May 1981: Rev. James Merrett (Incumbent)

June 1981 to April 1983: Rev. James Decker (Incumbent)

July 1983 to April 1992: Rev. Philip Hobson (Incumbent)

April 1992 to September 1992: Rev. Geoffrey Howson (Priest in Charge)

September 1992 to January 2000: Rev. Milton F. Dorman (Incumbent)

February 2000 to May 2000: Rev. James Tiller (Priest in Charge)

June 2000 to May 2005: Rev. Kevin T. Robertson (Incumbent)

May 2005 to August 2005: Rev. Grant Schwartz (Priest in Charge)

September 2005 to March 2006: Rev. Paul G. Walker (Priest in Charge)

March 2006 to January 2010: Rev. Lincoln McKoen (Incumbent)

January 2010 to June 2010: Rev. Rob Shields (Priest in Charge)

June 2010 to September 2010: Rev. James Blackmore (Priest in Charge)

September 2010 to February 2015: Rev. Jeffrey Donnelly (Incumbent)

February 2015 to June 2015: Rev. Ted Bartlett (Priest in Charge)

July 2015 to April 2017: Rev. Anthony Bassett (Priest in Charge)

April 2017 to January 2019: Rev. James Blackmore (Priest in Charge)

February 2019 to July 2019: Rev. Canon Anthony Jemmott (Priest in Charge)

August 2019 to present: Rev. Vinaya Dumpala (Parish Priest)