Leaders and Groups

Priest in Charge

The Rev. Vinaya Dumpala (e-mail)

Church Group Leaders

People's Warden: Yvonne Smith (e-mail)

Rector's Warden: Diana Goertzen (e-mail)

Deputy People's Warden: Gail Elliott

Deputy Rector's Warden: Tracey Hall

Treasurer: Tracey Hall

Envelope Secretary: Marilyn Kellar

Lay Delegate to Synod: Kathy Schmidt


Food Bank Coordinators: Dean Rose, Glenn Godfrey, Ann Arnold, Denise Kelsie

Server Coordinator: Rev. Vinaya Dumpala (e-mail)

Greeter Coordinator: Barb Hill

Altar Guild Coordinator: Diana Goertzen

Sunday School Coordinator: Yvonne Smith

Advisory Board: Ken Logan, Janice MacDougall, Joan Turner, Ivan Fedorchuk (plus the church leaders listed above)

Alternate Lay Delegate to Synod: Ivan Fedorchuk

Flowers and Decor: Janice MacDougall

Newsletter Editor: Yvonne Smith (e-mail)

Parochial Tribunal: Marilyn Kellar, Ken Logan, Priest in Charge, People's Warden, Rector's Warden

Prayer Chain: Yvonne Smith (e-mail)

Readers and Intercessors: Tracey Hall

Web Site: Yvonne Smith (e-mail)