The Special Olympics Walking Clubs aim to bring together individuals with and without intellectual disabilities for non-competitive physical activity.

The club provides the platform and opportunity for individuals to challenge themselves, establish friendships, and exercise.


Over the weekend of Saturday, October 30 – Sunday, October 31, our Fall Walking Club will have a “Race Day”. Race Day is an opportunity to challenge yourself and celebrate the end of the Fall Season. We want you to do an activity that will really make you sweat.
You will tell us about your Race Day when you submit your Week 7 exercise.


  • Jog 1 mile without stopping

  • Walk up that big hill in your neighborhood

  • Add 30 minutes to your normal walk

  • Complete 10 push-ups every 10 minutes on your normal walk

  • Bike an extra 15 minutes

  • Take a new exercise class like School of Strength

  • Whatever you think will challenge you!

Fall 2021 Season -- General Information

  • 7-week season (September 13 - October 30)

    • "Race Weekend" is Saturday, October 30 and Sunday, October 31

  • Walking can be done as an individual or Team

      • Teams with 10 or more members must have a registered Coach

  • Open to all ages and members of the Special Olympics community

      • Volunteer Groups are welcome to join!

  • Minimum of 90 minutes of exercise per week

      • Walking can be done outside or even inside on a treadmill - you can choose how you get your weekly walking minutes!

  • Registration Required