What is Walking Club?

The Special Olympics Walking Club aim to bring together individuals with and without intellectual disabilities for non-competitive physical activity. The Club provides the platform and opportunity for individuals to challenge themselves, establish friendships, and exercise.

How much do I need to walk to be in Walking Club?

There is no required time frame that is needed to join walking club but we do recommend a minimum of 90 minutes of exercise every week.

Is there a schedule that I need to follow?

Unless you choose to join a walking club team, you can walk at whatever time works best for you! Some people walk early in the morning, some in the afternoon, and some during their breaks. We just ask that you submit your minutes walked each week.

I've registered, now what?

Now you can share your weekly minutes with us! Want to get more involved- join one of our challenges or become a part of a walking club team!

What equipment should I use for a long walk?

  • Sun Screen

  • Hat or Cap

  • Water bottle

  • Protective clothing

  • Comfortable and supportive shoes

I did not join a challenge while registering for Walking Club, is it too late?

Nope! Let us know when you start the challenge on your weekly submission sheet.

Do I need to join a team to be a part of Walking Club?

Not at all. You can register with a team or as an induvial.

How do I join a Walking Club team?

If you would like to join a team, please email HealthyAthletes@sonc.org and we will connect you if there is a team walking in your area.

How do I start a team for Walking Club?

To start a walking club team you'll need to establish a coach for your team. If the coach is not yet registered as a volunteer with Special Olympics Northern California they must register to be a volunteer with Special Olympics Northern California. Upon approval of the coaches' application group practices can begin. Practice details such as time, location, ect. will be determined by the coach. If you are interested in starting a team please email Toni at ToniA@sonc.org for assistance.