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loma Mar

Spring Campout 2020: Loma Mar

Friday MAy 29 - SUNDAY MAY 31

Arrive any time after 3:30 PM on 5/29 (event wraps noon 5/31)

How to get there, where you'll stay:

Fun stuff to do with your daughter:

  • Schedule of Events
  • Big Teams Capture the Flag
  • Leather Craft Activity (TBD - possibly not)
  • Affix Patches to Your / Your Daughter(s) Vest(s)
  • Archery
  • Zip Line
  • Wall Climbing
  • Ga-Ga Pit
  • Fire Basics and Safety w/ Nation Naturalist
  • Campfire Ceremony
  • Circle (Comedy) Skits - see your Nav. / CB for assignments: link

Some other useful documents:

Stuff to Bring:

  • A hand-held flashlight (+ camping / hiking headlamp if you have one).
  • Lanterns - for 'around Circle cabin', 'around Circle fire pit', 'around Circle food table' lighting.
  • Sleeping bag & pillow; extra mattress if a thin camp mattress might not be enough for you
  • Layered clothing: can be hot in the daytime but cool at night.
  • Camping chairs - for seating around Circle camp fires.
  • Portable fire pits - 1 ea. / circle - note: must be completely clean & removed upon exit.
    • BRING YOUR OWN WOOD if you plan on independent Circle Fires / Fire Pits
  • Cooktop / camping stoves - for cooking small dishes outside of the structured dining hall / hours.
  • Your Aventure Guides vests, hat, staff, circle banner, drum, and any other circle or nation symbols.
    • Vest glue to attach patches from past events as well as this event.
  • NOTE: Swimsuits are optional - there will be NO open swim this year.
    • ONLY needed if you plan on doing the Polar Bear Plunge -- Dads and Daughters welcome
  • Snacks and drinks to share: remember, active campers can get dehydrated - bring LOTS of water to drink.
    • Coolers and ice, there is not a source of ice on the grounds - must pack-in any ice.
  • Commuter cups to reduce waste and spills - and hiking / waterbottles are recommended.
  • Radios / camp tunes - be responsible here - usually a small ~ medium boombox w/ Bluetooth music is ok.
  • Cash to make purchases at the Camp Store (various items, alt. patches, t-shirts, hats, bandanas, etc.)

Stuff NOT to Bring:

  • Weapons of any kind - small camping knives are ok, but no machetes, swords, crossbows, firearms, etc.
  • Fireworks of any kind - remember we wil be in a relatively dry wooded area - we do NOT need to be the source of a California wildfire.
    • Please leave all firemaking of any kind to the Circle Naturalists (your Circle Fire guy) and the Nation Naturalist.
  • Tents - unless you intend on NOT staying in your assigned cabin and prefer to sleep in a tent - then you will not need this.
  • Large grills - these should not be necessary / advise against.
  • Excessive noise makers - like crowd control bullhorns and other loud devices like air horns.
  • Huge PA systems, or outdoor stereos (e.g. greater than 100W and/or speakers larger than 5").

Cabin Map

Host / Lead Circle(s): Sierra Nation Leadership

Contact for Questions: