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Camp information

What to bring, wear and do:

Amenities at Loma Mar consist of rustic cabins clustered under oak and redwood trees with meals served in a large hall. Bring light clothes for walking, warmer clothes for cool evenings and raingear just in case. Due to uneven terrain around the cabins and activities try to get your princess to wear something other than flip-flops.

Bring snacks (fruit, bagels, fruit juice) to supplement the local catering though note that unguarded food will be stolen by raccoons.

Note that activity such as climbing, Zip Lining, and Leather Craft may leave their mark on your princess' clothes. Dress her accordingly.

Friday night arrivals require advance notice.  Make sure to inform your circle Navigator if you plan on being at the campout on Friday night. (Navigators should pass this information along to the Compass Bearer Expedition Navigator.)

Make sure you fill out all the paperwork and pay in advance. 

Bring a flashlight!

For the consideration of all guests and staff here, we ask that Fires out at 10:00pm, outside lights out at 10:30 pm and the noise levels be held down to minimum after 10:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m.

Your safety is our number one concern. In case of an emergency (fire, earthquake, etc.) everyone is to assemble in the  Recreation Field by the Dining Hall. This way we can take a head count and make sure everyone is accounted and  everyone is to assemble in the Recreation Field by the Dining Hall. This way we can take a head count and make sure everyone is accounted and safe.

This is a Family campsite. In keeping with family ideals and everyone's safety, the use of alcoholic beverages has been prohibited on camp grounds.

If you are a smoker, there is a designated smoking area in the gazebo (cemented area) by the dining hall.  Bring your own cans with sand in them to extinguish the cigarettes. Please refrain from smoking in any other areas, including on the trails and in the cabins or other buildings.

As you may know, this is an environmental center. You can help us keep it looking clean and fresh for the wildlife that reside here by throwing your trash in receptacles. Also, recycling bins have been placed around camp for your convenience.

Parking - To avoid confusion and for your safety there are designated parking areas by the picnic area. If you have questions, please contact the office. It is important that the camp roads are kept clear in case emergency vehicles need to get through.  Drive close to cabins to unload, then park in designated parking areas.

Pay phones are located at the dining hall. There is no or limited cell phone coverage so plan accordingly.

For your safety, there is no hiking on the trails.  Also, watch out for poison oak and stinging nettles.

No pets are allowed in the camp.

Firearms or other weapons are not allowed.

Groups are responsible for the conduct of their members.  Damages caused to the camp will be compensated by the group.

Clothing - The weather varies between warm sunshine to cold rain. Come prepared with warm clothes, cool clothes, and rain gear. Evenings are generally cool.

Sleeping - Loma Mar provides cabins and bunks. No sheets, pillows or blankets will be provided. Bring your own sleep bags, pillows and blankets. Bring flashlights.

Snacks - The meals are provided by the camp. You can bring your own snacks and beverages for your own consumption.

Facilities- Loma Mar offers restrooms and shower facilities. Pack toothpaste, shampoo, wash cloths, towels and other items needed

Each cabin must be swept clean and trash taken to dumpster or take home with you or we will be charged!