Beach camping

New Brighton

New Brighton State Beach Campout September 20 - 22, 2019

How to get there, where you'll stay:

  • Maps and Directions
  • Site Assignments are at this link - Campsites <-- Read This File in Full
  • Note: Some Circles have elected to arrive a day early and have their sites reserved starting on Thursday, Sep. 19th, see the Campsites file link above for details.

New Brighton General Camp Map:

2019 Sites by Circles:

Fun stuff to do with your daughter:

  • New Member ceremony -- Nation Leaders
    • Face Paint -- Eric B. to Lead
  • Tie-dye T-shirts -- El Dorado to Lead
  • Olympiad -- Tahoe to Lead
  • Campfire Event -- Tioga to Lead (see below)
  • Scavenger Hunt -- Chinook to Lead
  • Ranger Talk -- TBD
  • Playing at the Beach -- Circle Navs / CBs to Lead

Stuff to Bring:

  • Tents for all members of your Circle.
  • A flashlight and/or camping headlamps.
  • Sleeping bag & pillow; extra mattress if sleeping on the ground (in your tent) is not enough.
  • Layered clothing: can be hot in the daytime but cool at night.
  • Your vest, hat, staff, circle banner, drum, and any other circle or nation symbols.
  • Swim suit and towel for the Beach Olympics / beach time.
  • Snacks and drinks to share: remember, active campers can get dehydrated.
  • Commuter cups to reduce waste and spills.

Stuff that will be available:

  • Andrew will handle firewood availability and distribution to your sites.
    • If you would like to bring more, then do so -- but remember locally sourced (South Bay Area) wood only.
    • Firewood will only be available from the Nation starting Fri. night -- anyone that arrives early (e.g. Thur. is on their own: BYOW).
  • Tioga will be bringing a ~ 40 - 50 lb. pig and hosting a pig roast @ site 22 on Friday (Sep. 20th) night.
    • If your Circle would like to contribute sides / drinks / etc. -- please contact John Kelley @ to coordinate.

Host / Lead Circle(s): SN Leadership and Zephyr / El Dorado

Contact for Questions: