Holiday ParadE


Los Gatos Holiday Parade 2019

The Sierra Expedition will once again participate in the link: Los Gatos Holiday Parade.

We are float #129

Usually the staging area is near the intersection of Tait Ave. and Bachman Ave. There is an information desk at the intersection of Tait and Alemandra - they can direct you to the staging location address. Our float will be on Bachman Ave. AT the corner of Tait see map attached below.

Link: Parade Map, allowed Parking areas, General Instructions and the full link: Parade Lineup List can be downloaded from these inline links as well as at the bottom of this page.

Event Info:

  1. Los Gatos Holiday Parade, Sat Dec 7, 2019
  2. Event start time: 8:00 AM -- 8:30 AM (rain or shine), the float and Tioga set-up crew will be at our staging location by 7:00 AM if anyone wants to come early and help.
    1. Circle Candy Canes + Name Plaques must arrive no later than 9:00 AM
  3. Parade start time: 11:00 AM (float movement est 11:45 AM)
  4. Estimated finish time: 1:00 PM, but may go as late as 2:00 PM
  5. Float #129 Location: on Bachman Ave. AT the corner of Tait, link: staging map
  6. Parking can be difficult - arrive early or make drop off / pick up arrangements
  7. A light breakfast will be provided by Tioga - Waynoon! - doughnuts, coffee, hot chocolate, etc. Please bring additional snacks for you and your daughter if you want additional food on the route. Gummy Bears keep daughters dry and happy ... or at least distracted from the cold rain.
  8. Those with very small children (with short event time spans) should consider coming closer to parade start time.
  9. Link: Weather: estimated HEAVY RAIN, 45~50 Fº before parade, about 55~60 Fº at end of parade. It will also be very windy. The temperature and rain combination will feel colder than the actual temp.; dress in layers, with sufficient warm layer and an outer waterproof shell.
  10. Tioga has purchased 80x clear ponchos for the girls. These will be distributed the morning of the parade. First come, first served. Any additional ponchos will be distributed amongst the dads, again first come, first served -- Tioga will distrubute, see Tim Freestone.
  11. Gear to bring: rain coats, big "golf" umbrellas, rain boots, rain pants, any general waterproof gear, vests (to be worn over sweatshirts / fleeces but UNDER clear ponchos), sweatshirts, etc., dress in layers it will be COLD and WET !!

Activities (8AM to 11:45AM):

  1. Find the float and meet with your circle members and other friends.
  2. Eat, drink, be merry! (wayoon Tioga!)
  3. We should have a minimum of 2x Camping Pop-Ups, the ask is to bring 1x if you have one -- we will put them to use and add-on to the ones at the front of the truck. These must be disassembled and stored / returned to your vehicle before the parade starts.
  4. Tour other parade entries with your daughters: marching bands, equestrian and canine groups, vintage / specialty automotives, other Y guide floats, etc. But be sure to be back before we start moving!
  5. Friends / family allowed in staging area before parade start -- make sure they are dressed for wet / cold weather.
  6. All members: please help clean up the staging area before we get underway (bag up all garbage)

During Parade:

  1. Expedition Leaders to be in front of truck (NO sticks or hats this year due to the rain)
  2. Dads to be beside and behind truck
  3. All girls to be either on the sides of truck, on the trailer (seated, arms / legs NOT to dangle near truck wheels), or behind the truck with Dads.
  4. NO girls to walk in front of the truck due to stoppage and danger of jerking the trailer w/ kids on it.
  5. Due to space limitations, this year only the youngest girls, (4-6 years) will be invited / allowed on the truck by Tioga hosts. Girls are invited to bring scooters or walk with their dad under their own umbrellas.
  6. All - dance, wave, smile, move! Keep the energy up during the parade especially in front of the judging grand-stand!
  7. No throwing stuff into the crowd during the parade.
  8. No one dressed up as Santa (Santa hats are OK, but not necessary).
  9. Those who are not in / on the truck need to keep apace of the truck. Sudden stops are very dangerous for those on the float and / or near the trailer edges. Don't make the drive choose between bumping you with the front of the truck vs. stopping and jolting the trailer....
  10. DO NOT exit the truck until it has come to a complete stop on the side of the road after passing the parade end point (we will give the all clear).
  11. DO NOT exit the parade until the float is cleaned up (all bits of decoration off the truck and either home with you or into the garbage.) This includes your Circle's Candy Canes - take 'em home as souvenirs or dump 'em - but don't leave 'em with us - thanks.
  12. Friends / family are invited to watch the float from the side of the road along the parade route.

LG Parade FAQ: link

Parade Route: link

Any questions: Call LGS Recreation at 408-354-8700 or email

The parade only has one Santa. No one else should dress as Santa Claus.

Do not throw or hand out anything from your float.

Judging takes place along the route at Bean and Santa Cruz Ave - when we pass the Judging Stand, give the judges a big smile and wave.

Host / Lead Circle(s): Tioga

Contact for Questions: